September 22, 2016 23:07

How to change the bearing on the generator .Replacing the bearings on a generator

When in your car generator or unusual noises and sounds, the reason probably lies in the deterioration of the bearings.You can, of course, give the car to the service station, but you can try to change the bearings of the generator itself.Let's look at a few practical tips for those who prefer to do everything himself.

first step is to remove the generator from the car.First loosen the fastening of the generator and let go of the adjustment bolt.Then should get the belt and pull weight (minus terminal) of the battery.Then disconnect the wires from the generator and remove it from the bottom by unscrewing the fastening.

Now you're ready to disassemble the generator itself.First remove the pulley.Take the screwdriver very carefully lock the rotor key and unscrew the pulley.To remove the cover, it is necessary to pull the latch and pull him.All bolting treat vedeshkoy be easier to unscrew.

Next, remove the screw, take off the voltage regulator unit (diode bridge) with brushes.To ga
in access to the bearings, the generator must be disconnected from the stator cover.Be careful and look not to damage the windings.

4 When you have made a complete disassembly of the generator, you will have access to the bearings.We check them for defects subject.They can be cracked, chipped.Check the ease with which the parts are rotated, there is no backlash.Look, there is not formed a deterioration in the seats.In the presence of defects replace the bearings.

front half put on something hard, nastavkoy and hammer knock out the bearing from the slot.The beat should be strongly and accurately.As nastavki use a piece of suitable diameter pipe.The rear bearing is difficult to remove without special puller, use a puller to remove the bearings.

New bearings must be absolutely similar to the old one.Press-fit item in the generator housing should be the same nastavkoy.Rear bearing put on the anchor.Put the emphasis on anchor and accurate blows strong press in until it stops.The bearings are replaced.

Reassembly is in reverse order.At the same time pay attention to the wear of the collector and brushes.If you find defects, eliminate immediately.

We hope you will see that nothing particularly difficult to replace the bearings do not have this repair you can do yourself with your own hands.