October 02, 2016 23:00

How to lease a car.Buying a car leasing

When it comes to buy a car, the first issue of concern to the buyer - a way to purchase vehicles.Well, when there is the correct amount of stock, and those who do not have the possibility to buy a car for cash, have recourse to financial institutions.Most often, the purchase is made the loan, but there is such a thing as "car leasing".This topic is a little confusing, and most do not even try to understand it when buying a car.Even despite the fact that sometimes the leasing conditions are much more favorable loan.

Is the concept of "operating leases", in simple words - this is the usual car hire.Financial leasing means renting a car to further his ransom.Originally owned by the leasing company trucks.According to the agreement, she gets it for himself under the customer order and passes it to use.Buying this way, there are several advantages: first - less than the amount of the down payment compared to loans;Second - all the red tape with the documents rests on the shoulders of the leasing compa
ny (the buyer draws only the contract and collect a minimum set of documents);third - if the buyer wants to buy a new car in the same way (when it was the end of the first period of the lease), the Company will be counted the cost of the old car when buying a new one.

If it was decided to buy a car on lease, is to collect the documents.It is almost the same in all companies.The first - a statement on the leasing of the established sample.It is also provided with a copy of the passport and inditifikatsionnogo numbers together with the originals.Sometimes you need a certificate about the earnings.

3 If the vehicle is sold as a working vehicle, it is necessary for entities other documents.Application for leasing, registration documents and all the constituent documents, as well as extracts from the registers of business activity.It is also necessary to provide copies of the passports of persons who are authorized to sign, and the chief accountant and CEO.

4 When drawing up the contract need to be very careful because there are some nuances.For example, if the delay in payment, the car can be returned leasing company, while the buyer will not be refunded with no compensation.In cases of accidents can increase the amount of monthly payment.And the main point is that after the expiration of the customer is entitled to buy this car at its residual value, but the leasing company has the right to refuse the sale and purchase agreement and resell or to rent a car to another buyer.To avoid this from happening, it is recommended instead of a lease agreement to conclude a contract of sale, which will be valid after the last payment.In this case, according to the documents by paying the residual value, the buyer becomes the rightful owner of the car.

Before you take the car to the leasing, it is recommended to consult with experts, in order to avoid unpleasant moments.If this is not possible - it is necessary to study in detail all the documents and contracts before they sign.