October 02, 2016 23:00

When you need to make alignments .Alignment

Every motorist with the experience m aware that alignments - are two different, but very important parameter adjust angles of the wheels of the car .But when to perform the procedure, and measurement setup toe-know, alas, not all motorists.

After replacing at least one of the components suspension parts.Even the most minor suspension damage in need of repair, which can affect the angle of the alignment of automotive wheels.Independently conduct recovery procedure camber - convergence possible, but difficult, it takes time and care.In normal conditions, these parameters inaccessible garage .At stations technical service on the special equipment to quickly master simulates the desired angle alignment wheels.This will be taken into account even subtle backlash that further would cause serious repair chassis cars.

After change ride height.If changing the ride height of the car, for example, by means of set-top boxes or other devices necessarily requires the
alignment procedure wheels.Thus alignments are not required when replacing wheels on a larger or smaller diameter, since their replacement does not affect the setting angle.The main thing - to the replacement of proved not strong mechanical action on the chassis, which affects the angle wheels.

After installing the new spring.Over time, ground clearance reduced slightly, even if there was no intervention in the repair of the car suspension.This is due to the springs under a load of sitting.Therefore, experts recommend to check the camber angle and toe at least once a year (preferably in spring).If the machine to install new springs, it is required of the two procedures razvala- convergence:. Immediately after the replacement of springs and 1 month, because during this time the ride height can be reduced by 2-3 cm is recommended to change the springs to the winter together with the installation of rubberaccording to the season.

After installing additional equipment in weight from 30 kilograms to the rear axle or 100 kg on the front.Regardless of the placement of additional equipment on the vehicle area, angle measurement and correction of wheel alignment procedure is required for all 4 wheels.

Experts advise to adhere to the above cases, the procedure for the alignment of the wheels cars to minimize the wear of rubber and suitable for you car's behavior on the road.