How to make a car sound insulation .As a self- install the new sound insulation in the car

Tired of street noise, distraction from driving the process?Unnerving creaking interior of the car body?The correct solution is car noise insulation, which can be done not only in the service station, but also in his own garage own.

To correct approach to self obesshumki car process must first determine the material.They can be divided into several types:
  • vibration damping materials - convert vibrations into heat and dissipate it;
  • noise insulating materials - do not let the sound waves;
  • proofing materials - the car cools down more slowly in the winter and in the summer - is slowly heated.

The cars have a place to which the insulation must be installed, and there are places where vibration isolation is required.Today insulation materials are produced on the basis of 3 to 1, ie the insulation has the properties of thermal insulation and vibration absorption.

Important is the calculation of the area requiring coating soundproofing.For full obesshumki materials placed:
  • on the bonnet;
  • on roof of car;
  • on the wheel arches;
  • on the partition between the compartment where the engine and cabin;
  • on the luggage compartment floor and the floor of the car;
  • door.

Full obesshumka a long time to protect from the street, outside noise, but do not drown out the noise of the vehicle faults.

Besides insulation, the installation process will require noise insulation tape, a knife, scissors, hair dryer building, roller, set of screwdrivers, a marker.

Before insulated cars require time-consuming process of preparation of the car.We need a complete dismantling of the lining of the iron horse in the places where it will be glued insulation.In fact, this is a complete dismantling of the passenger compartment and the trunk of car.If the plastic wheel arch liners, they also have to be dismantled.

For qualitative shumoizolirovaniya want to remove all native (factory) sound insulation, dust, dirt and rust.Degrease cleaned surfaces.

of thick paper patterns required to produce complex surfaces to be papered parts.For example, wheel arches, door cars.According to the patterns cut out the pattern of the noise insulation material.Do not rush to glue insulation directly.Apply it first in the film to the right place to test the coincidence circuits.

Normally sound insulation process starts with the car doors, then the trunk and interior.After removing the skin, disconnect the wires going to the window and the rope of the door handle, you need to remove the factory plastic wrap.If the material does not have all the right noise proof properties, sizing start with vibration-isolating material which is strongly rolled roll, so that when heated in the sun does not come off.

For a good connection soundproofing material need to glue it to the prepared surface, warm up his building hairdryer and carefully roll on roll.

few unwritten rules for high-quality soundproofing their own hands:
  • air temperature in the room where the process takes place obesshumki, should not be below room - + 19 + 20 degrees;
  • not forget to roll the roller on the surface - to get rid of the air out of the noise insulation material;
  • such major items as roof and floor of the car, it is recommended prokleivat just one sheet of material.This assembly begins at one end and is gradually moving from a roller, get to the other;
  • front and rear arches must-prokleivat vibrodempfiliruyuschim material on both sides;
  • after noise reduction process is strongly not recommended to travel by car at least 12 hours to fully fix the material.

noise isolation can immediately make full.But if there are limitations in the means (obesshumka - fun is not cheap), you can take part by part.It is enough to isolate 70% of the required area for a decent atmosphere in the cabin.