October 16, 2016 23:06

How to choose a fire extinguisher in the car.

three main types of car can be isolated from the numerous models of fire extinguishers: hdadonovye, powder and carbon dioxide.Competent and responsible approach to the choice of car fire extinguisher is the key to your safety in case of emergency (PFC, PFC, PFC - not to jinx).

With concern for automotive wiring and upholstery for staffing car buy powder fire extinguisher (OP) class B. A distinctive feature of the powder coming under pressure, in that it does not evaporate as gas and coversinsulation materials and plastic materials melt layer which prevents further burning.

Buy Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers OU-2 type, if the fear of fire fuels and lubricants, including engine compartment of the car - he copes with them in a matter of seconds, but it requires special care.A powerful jet of extinguishing agent comes out at high pressure, and the bell may cool to t -70 ° C, resulting in burns, through negligence.

not use Halon extinguishers, even if you accidentally find them on
sale.They most likely imported with highly flammable substances, containing in its composition Galaga.Do not succumb to provocations sellers stories about their effectiveness in respect of all types of combustible substances - it really is the place to be.Information about the harm caused by halons environment, especially the ozone layer is to stop motorists from improper purchases.

4 Get a fire extinguisher in a metal casing with a smooth and evenly colored, sutures.The degree of reliability, unlike plastic, in this case is much higher.Make sure that the pressure gauge is in the green zone.Check the quality of the sealing and fire extinguisher checks the presence of the bell (plastic cap funnel-shaped) in the kit.

Ask presence of a certificate of conformity with GOST and fire safety certificate from the seller of the broth.It is mandatory to the fire extinguisher is attached with a passport showing all the technical characteristics, as well as the expiry date and frequency of inspections and warranty card.

Inspect labeling (label) a fire extinguisher, it should be to you in plain language, not less than half the height, is protected from environmental impact housing environment showing all the technical characteristics, names, examination dates and othernecessary information, appropriate product data sheet.

fire extinguisher - it is rarely used items, especially for novice drivers.To not make the wrong choice, trust a professional in this matter, at least when the first purchase.