October 19, 2016 23:03

How to choose the shock absorber .

The choice of the shock absorber is not only comfort but also safety.Shock significantly affects the handling of the machine and a smooth ride.The main function of the shock absorber - Support for a permanent reliable contact with the road wheels of the car.

impossible to judge the state of the shock absorbers, focusing only on their sense of the motion.After a run of 20 thousand. Km check the shock absorbers on the stand workshop.

dampers differ in composition of the working medium and the number of tubes in the structure.Oil shock most simple design.The disadvantage of these dampers is aeration, due to which the oil foams, and insufficient cooling.Gas-oil have lower aeration compared with oil.When driving fast, they greatly reduce the vibrations of the body.Monotube gas shock absorbers have a high work performance.They are often used on sports cars.Gas shock absorbers effectively cooled.

If the standard shock absorbers arranged you in all respects and must be replaced only bec
ause of the lifetime - do not experiment.Just replace with new ones of the same model.It is necessary to take into account the constructive quality shock absorbers and cars.

All four dampers shall be of the same type.If you decide to replace the gas shocks on oil or vice versa - change everything at once.

When choosing, consider the shock absorber condition of roads on which you are using the car.Oil shocks are easily damaged and can not cope with his task on bad roads.If you are a lover of fast driving and abrupt maneuvers on the road, stop your choice on a gas-oil and gas shock absorbers.

choose firms shock absorbers, which have proven themselves well in an intense operation of the machine - KAYABA or SACHS.At a cost shock of these firms expensive.But the long-term operation and traffic safety justify the money spent.Choose dampers that fit your style of driving, as roads and car model.Only in this way you will ensure driving safety and extend the service life of the car.