October 19, 2016 23:03

How to choose the fog lights.

Good fog lights on your car - is the key to a great "view" in conditions of poor visibility on the road, and hence the security of your safety and the safety of your passengers.Therefore, the choice of these accessories should be approached carefully, having considered all the nuances.

case - here the priority will be the strength, heat resistance and aerodynamic shape.The first measure is necessary because of the low "fog" location is often at risk of damage.The second - to withstand the "onslaught" and minus and plus temperatures.A streamlined shape will not create unnecessary noise effects, if you decide to take a ride with the breeze.Another practical point - collapsible lamp with removable glass will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs, since in this case a light bulb or a broken glass can simply be replaced.The molded form is because of this need to buy a new "fog."

color - best "punch" bad weather (fog, rain, snow), yellow and milky white "fog".At the same bulbs in them, choose
another color: in dairy lights - yellow and vice versa.

Reflector - it must tightly connected with the diffuser (in quality adjustment, where it is a separate piece) or body (in cheaper models, where the reflector is the body itself, "fog" coated with aspecial reflective coating).The latter option is more dangerous, because it can cover the operation is quite heated.

power - keep in mind that fog lights are installed you will "eat" from the generator, that is, the load on the electrical system of cars will increase.Therefore it is better to choose a lamp with a capacity of no more than 55 watts.

Mounts - it is desirable that in addition to reliability and they are adjustable (both horizontally and vertically).This will greatly facilitate their installation and dismantling.

Marking - the letter "E" glass, or "fog" housing means it meets all the requirements and standards, the letter "B" - it really fog lamp.

And finally, the price - do not be tempted by "appearance" of budget adjustment, which typically cover up poor quality.Remember the old adage about the cheap fish and mean, who pays twice - they work against the fog lights!