October 22, 2016 23:01

How to choose alloy wheels b / y.

Many people want to see on his car cast aluminum wheels, with all their advantages.But often all their advantages are offset by one minus - their high cost.In this case, many people choose a compromise - to look for a used / y alloy wheels.

Among the advantages of alloy wheels clearly are the following:
  • Less weight, which reduces the depreciation of spare parts undercarriage of the car, as well as improved dynamics during acceleration and braking.
  • more aesthetic appearance than the less attractive steel stamped disks.
  • No need for mandatory anti-corrosion treatment, becausealloys, which are made of wheels, do not corrode.

When buying CDs n Check the specifications of their diameter, the distance between the mounting holes, and their number, disk crash (ET).Compare these figures with the requirements to drive your car, because initially even completely identical drives in appearance are available in various versions and have different characteristics.

Discs should be smoot
h, without cracks, chips, solder traces of welding, not factory-casting and other disk repair attributes.In principle, some of the nuances are possible, and even professional repair disk is not critical for future use, plus it has a very strong influence on the price in the direction of its decline.But if the fact of the repair turns out to inspection stage - it is better not to buy these wheels, as you initially deceiving, trying to hide the nuances.

With disc is required to remove the tires and inspect it from the inside as possible traces of repair will only be visible from there.

Note the color: the factory or not.Sometimes the wheels repainted due to wear and tear of the old coating, but often by staining try to hide traces of repair.In any case, repainted wheels - a signal for a more thorough examination.

sure to visit the nearest service station and check the wheels to balance.It looks perfect disks can be quite strong imbalance, which can often lead to an inability to balance the wheel.

Currently, some companies offer not only new drives, but also drives that were in use.Consultants carried out the selection on the specifications requested by the customer, offering a product with excellent quality characteristics.Using the services of these companies may save significant time and money, becausewanting to save face of the company, the staff provides comprehensive information on the status of disks.