October 23, 2016 23:02

How to pick up the speakers to the car radio .Tips for choosing speakers for the radio.

car is not designed for high-quality sound reproduction.Due to the asymmetrical position with respect to the speaker driver, the sound reaching the left ear speakers is significantly faster than all other columns.Upholstery rather than absorb sound reflects his background noise and make your changes.Selection of the speakers to the car - a difficult task, to which should be taken seriously.

major role in selecting the speakers playing power radio.It is important, not the maximum and nominal power.Manufacturers indicate power in the documentation to the radio or on its package.Nominal power of the speakers should be no less, and more preferably in 2-3 times the rated capacity of the radio channel amplifier.You will see the power margin, which will not give the sound is distorted, and the speakers do not come down too soon.

In the documents on the case or the radio must be specified numbers of allowable load resistance.Selection of columns in this parameter makes it easier is that most s
tores only offer two options for speakers with an impedance of dynamic heads - 4 or 8 ohms.Reducing resistance is achieved by mounting the speakers in parallel.

speaker sensitivity gives them a louder sound.This option should not be underestimated, sincethe difference of this index by only 3 dB is perceived by the ear as twice the difference in volume.For example, speaker 93 dB with a sensitivity of 2 times played louder than 90 dB dynamics.

necessary to determine where to install the speakers (trunk panel, door trim).Because of this, it is possible to determine their size, number and manufacturer.Not always the quality of the sound depends on the number of speakers installed in the vehicle.

The larger the diameter of the column, the lower frequencies they can reproduce, avoiding distortion.This is important, if not a subwoofer is set.Usually 4-5 inch (10-13 cm) speakers is not enough for a good sound.Speakers at 6-6.5 inches do not fit in the regular holes, so they will have to increase.

Companies have long engaged in the production of columns support the quality of its products at a high level ( «Alpine», «Prology», «Pioneer»).The choice of color and design of columns depends on the overall design of the car.

Price column should correspond to the price of the radio.It makes no sense to buy expensive speakers to a cheap radio.Features speaker will not be disclosed until the end when nonconforming equipment resources.

choosing the right speakers in the car, you should know that a truly excellent sound quality can only be achieved through a coordinated combination of all the elements.