October 24, 2016 23:01

How to adjust the idle speed .

carburetor service primarily includes the idling setting.Signs pointing to the need for this operation: increased consumption of gasoline, snuff the candles, the reduction of engine power.Their formation is due repauperization pereobogaschenie or fuel mixture.Idle speed control is carried out and to reduce the formation of toxic substances contained in exhaust gases.Since the operation of the car in excess of this value is prohibited.

is preparing to work.To do this, you need to ensure the correct installation of the ignition timing, check the float chamber fuel level.Engine warm up.

wrap solenoid valve to the jet touched his saddle.Recommended Lubricate the O-ring motor.This will prevent damage to the ring, the thread under the flap.

throttle should be closed.The correct position - not ajar and not wedged in the diffuser.It can be carried out without removing the carburetor, and use a locking screw.

quality Screw wrenched from the very wrapped up position since t
he disappearance of discharge.If the engine is warm and keeps the revs 500-1500 r / min, with the idling, the ignition system is OK, and control continues.

engine speed is reduced to 800 rev / min and the amount of gut-wrenching bolt.If the speed is less than 800, then do not touch the screw.Quality Screw wrap up until the engine runs smoothly and steadily.

then wrapped the screw even further to the unstable operation and stable operation returns again.This is done in order to screw is located in a zone with a maximum zabedneniem mixture.Since the more wrapped screw, the mixture poorer and less content of toxic substances.

expose for the summer season turns 800-900, for winter - 900-1000 and repeat the action for screwdriving screws.Adjustment is done right, if after removing the power to the solenoid valve engine stalls.

When making adjustments do not hurry up and turn the screw slowly as the engine speed changes with some delay.After all the manipulations, check the idle speed by pressing the accelerator pedal.They should increase smoothly and jerks.