October 31, 2016 00:03

How to configure avtousilitel .

pedal to the floor and the music louder ... Create the mood behind the wheel designed to avtousilitel.After installing and connecting the speaker system, it must be correctly configured to enjoy clear sound and bass disturbing rumor.

Before setting the amplifier, all parameters set the device to zero.Install the filter in the low-frequency subwoofer position if your machine provides general strengthening components.The magnitude of the crossover frequency should be in the range 50-70 Hz.Filter the front channel on the device, set the high-frequency position.In the range of 70 to 90 Hz must be in the crossover frequency.

should separately conduct setting the tweeters in the event that your amplifier provides per-channel amplification of the front speakers.High Pass Filter is set to the desired position, and the crossover frequency - on the designation of 2500 Hz.

3 To adjust the sensitivity of the amplifier in the first reset to zero sensitivity.On the main unit turn the volume t
o maximum.Then we begin to add sensitivity.As soon as you hear the sound distortion, stop rotating the knob and slightly reduce your sensitivity.

Now check the sound quality.If the subwoofer sound clicks and crackling speakers, you need to eliminate interference with the signal.To do this, check the gasket system of the device leads and the detection of flaws are paving their way.

Listen to the bass.They do not have to start from the rear of the cabin, in other words, the bass should not be attached to the subwoofer.In order to avoid this effect, connect the subwoofer to the amplifier in the opposite - turn phase control 180 degrees.In some devices, this control is not available.For such cases, swap the positive and negative wires of the subwoofer.

Then adjust the sound processor - adjustable time delay for each channel of the amplifier.Set the time delay for the left channel so that the sounds from left and right speakers at the same time reached the hearing.If you correctly set up - will have the feeling that the sound comes from the center of the cabin.

Using sound processor is also possible to eliminate the bass bind to the rear.To do this, set the same delay for both channels of the front speakers.Bass Subwoofer no longer localized in the area.

Note: when using the amplifier load on the battery grows significantly.If your choice fell on a powerful amplifier, it is worth to buy a capacitor.It will stabilize the voltage and reduce the burden on auto electronics.