November 01, 2016 00:03

How to determine the main road .

Sometimes it's hard to figure out where the paramount, and where a secondary road.To address this issue a few rules you need to know.

on the main road indicates the respective sign.If this guideline is not, should explore other signs posted on both sides of the road.

Notice what sign is located in the right corner of the intersection.The sign "Give way," says that you need to give way to vehicles that move on the cross.It follows from this conclusion - you are on the minor road.In the absence of the sign will learn first neighbor left.Sometimes signs are repeated.Perhaps, in this case, the motion priority is not defined, then look in the far left corner.If there is to be an inverted triangle is gray - a sign "Give way" on the back side.The drivers of oncoming cars, he points out that it is necessary to give way to vehicles on the road traversed.This means that you, too, on a secondary road.If the sign is located in the back, so way inferior to you, and you are on the primary road.

Note the presence of the sign "Movement without stopping is prohibited".This is the only sign of an octagonal shape, so it is easy to learn.By this sign all applicable cases of its location on the road, as well as for the sign "Give way", and the same rules prioritizing movement.

If no priority signs, use the rule of "Hitch right."The essence of the rule is this: you want to skip transport, which is located on the right side.When the supremacy of the movement for you, you can turn right without obstacles.Remember!Making a left turn and turning on the main road you have to miss oncoming traffic.

Sometimes signs are absent.In this case study the pavement.At the intersection of two main roads considered roadway with asphalt pavement, dirt road - secondary.Remember, going from the yard or from the village, you are on a secondary road.

If you can not determine the rule of the road with signs and pavement, consider that you are on the minor road.This will help prevent emergencies.

traffic enforcement and focus on the road - the basis to avoid traffic accidents.