November 01, 2016 00:03

How to unlock the alarm.

Alarm - perhaps the most reliable protection against car thieves and autothief.However, the signaling, like any other electronics, characterized by recurrent malfunctions.

There are several reasons why the car alarm lock.In most cases, electronic security lock happens because the discharged battery in the remote control, or sat down the vehicle's battery.Also, problems with the car alarm is possible in high interference zone (supermarket car park, airport).Another reason for "freelance" lock security system - Faulty alarm unit.

For starters, change the batteries in the remote signaling.If after replacing the battery, the car is also not responding to the signal, perhaps, he broke keychain.Try to open the machine with a second remote control (usually attached to two remote alarm).If you happen to open the auto attendant remote control, the alarm lock problem is obvious.Do not forget to reprogram the failed keychain.

3 If you can not remove the electronic protection of any one of th
e remote controls, it is necessary to open the car using the key.Naturally, "will give voice" siren alarm."Shut up," it is only when you click "the Valet", which is a functional emergency alarm system is turned off (location of this "magic" button, you had to show the signaling specialist installer).

In winter time Alarm Lock is most often associated with full discharge of car battery.Note: if the ignition is poorly lit lamps, the machine fails to wind up, and alarm siren at this time "screams", it means that the problem is really extinct in the battery.To turn off the siren must remove the terminal.After recharge the battery and be sure to reprogram the remote control.

If the alarm failed to unlock through the above manipulations, have to turn off the alarm unit.Most often it is a torpedo.Remove all wires from the block connector and try to start the car.If you start the car did not work, then worked the lock on the ignition, starter or fuel pump.To turn them off, disconnect the wires from the signaling unit to the wiring of the machine, and then ends the regular connect wiring to each other.After that the car should start.

From problems with alarm blocking are not insured by any one driver.In order to minimize the number of unpleasant situations involving sudden blocking of the security system, carry any in the glove compartment of the car alarm and instructions to always carry a duty keychain.