How to get out of a snowdrift .

frequent problem for motorists in the spring and winter - soft snow, which hides under the ice.The car can stall, and, most worryingly, responsive assistants are not always nearby.In this case, we consider how to handle himself in this situation.

If you get stuck in the snow, in any case do not try to leave it at speed.This can lead to the fact that the machine starts to dig for themselves and tread dig a hole to the ice.Then get out of it will be much harder.First out of the car and check the place slipping.

sure to release the maximum space for the machine.Shovel the snow from the wheels and underbody.It is essential that you are able to travel back and forth, at least for a short distance.If you do not bring any suitable tool, then try to jump in the car to a little compacted snow beneath it.

If the ice has not yet laid bare, then gently try to go out of a snowdrift.Gas pedal press gently.If the vehicle begins to skid - turn off the speed.Wheels put directly to the car was easier to get out of a snowdrift, although front wheel drive cars better, on the contrary, turn the steering wheel left and right until the wheels do not stand on a dry surface.

Try to back as much as possible, and then move forward in their footsteps.As soon as the wheels start to slip - immediately pulls back again.Each time the car will be just a little more laid track.Continue as long as the car does not leave the snow.

Try to rock the car.To do this quickly switch between first and reverse gear.But this method is suitable only for vehicles with a manual transmission.Do not try this maneuver in a car with an automatic transmission - it can lead to its failure.

If you have in the arsenal there is rock salt, then pour it under the drive wheels.The ice begins to melt, and the machine can easily get out of a snowdrift.It can be used and sodium chloride, but in large quantities.For this purpose, it is also suitable wiper.

lowered a little pressure in the tires.This will help to create more grip.Be especially careful if you do not have with a pump.

Ram lift the car and got stuck under the wheel, place mats from the car, twigs, stones, boards or cloth.Under the car itself does not climb - the jack can not keep the car.After this process mats can be damaged, but will leave much easier.Be careful and gently press on the gas.Be sure to watch out for, so that the road was empty.The machine can be run over by inertia on close objects with a sharp exit from the snowdrift, and all objects sure to fly out from under the wheels.

If you do not help none of the previous options, you have to seek help from other drivers that will pull the car in tow.It is safest to use a rope without a rope carabiners.The metal in this case is not suitable.He is inelastic and the snatch can deprive your car towing lugs or deform the body.Ribbon cable is unreliable and may break the snatch, damaging the car windshield glass hook.In the arsenal you must always have at least a climbing rope.

take care in advance of the tool, you will greatly ease the task itself in a similar situation.In winter, always use winter tires.It is safer and reduces the risk of getting stuck in the snow.