November 03, 2016 00:02

How to choose brake pads .

The summer is just around the corner, approaching the holiday season.It's time to pay attention to the brakes of his car.How to deal in a wide range of brake pads offered?Below we will try to give some simple tips to simplify the choice of inexperienced motorists.

brake pads must be purchased either the original or a serious, reputable manufacturers.The most reliable and affordable are KASHIYAMA, LUCAS, FERODO, ATE, TRW and a number of brands.Before buying should view the ratings of the brake pads in various automotive magazines.But certainly corrected for the actual service conditions.Field tests are quite different from everyday driving, and can create a situation that the pads from the top ranking positions do not reveal their full potential in your environment.Even such a trifle as the predominance of sandy soils in your area has changed dramatically indicator pad wear resistance.

When choosing a simplified approach is unacceptable, when pads are selected by color or noise (creak - d
oes not creak).Even if creak - it does not mean that bad blocks.It is simply a property of the pair of "shoes, brake disc."And, most often, the creak suggests that the couple just provides good brake qualities.

should also take into account the prevailing terrain in which the vehicle is operated.On the plains pads are heated less, so you can choose the softer, organic friction lining.In areas with a lot of climbs and descents in the mountains, it is preferable to be thick pads, with a high content of metal inclusions in the friction material.

Do not forget about the weight of the car - the heavier the car, the greater the block have to work hard to ensure the maximum possible deceleration.So, for heavy off-road vehicles should be chosen reinforced pads.

should dispel the myth that expensive "sports" shoes - the best choice.It's not like that at all.In real driving conditions on public roads, the temperature load for a couple of "shoe drive" is much lower than in the conditions of the race.Therefore, do not block warms up to its operating temperature and is practically not working.It does not provide the desired deceleration and the result proves to be worse than the standard pads.

Pay attention to labels and quality manufacturing itself pads.The color of the surface of the pad, which can be different, is irrelevant.But the surface itself must be smooth, without cracks.The friction material must fit snugly over the entire surface of the metal plate.Only small chips on the edges and paint residues.Price depends on the quality pad friction mixture and workmanship.Do not get fooled by the low price - The price range for pads proven brands must not exceed 30%.If you are offered cheaply, there is reason to think.Well, the best advice - purchase brake pads only in specialty stores and service centers.Remember that the brakes - is the key to your safety on the road.And not just yours.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you feel more confident when choosing such an important element of the car as the brake pads.Good luck on the road!