November 04, 2016 00:02

How to increase the life of the engine .

Any motorist dreaming to the "heart" of his car beat long.Here we look at some rules that will allow the engine of your car will last long enough without chronic problems.Just take as a starting point, we have the engine without congenital defects and faults, and all mechanical adjustments are carried out on time.Then the durability of the motor is only in our hands.

Engine oil need only to fill in the standard order, viscosity and quality, which is specified in the service book of your vehicle.What else - it is violence over the engine.It is necessary to strictly maintain oil change intervals and oil filter.Keep an eye on the state of the oil in the interservice period.If immediately after the replacement was a pressure drop in the lubrication system when the engine is warm - it suspected poor quality (the thin) oil.If the oil for a long time does not darken (as it is obliged to gradually darken), then it means that it lacks the necessary detergents.The possibility of forgery.Make it a rule to l
ook more often into the oil filler neck motor.If you see on the body of a cam oily deposits in black - change the oil immediately.It is the wrong quality, or maybe fake.

Mineral oils have a shelf divergence of up to 10 thousand kilometers, semi-synthetic and synthetic - to 15 thousand kilometers.Be sure to change with the planned oil and change the oil filter.If a new engine, it is recommended to use motor oil on synthetic basis.When you run more than 100 thousand kilometers, in the event of an increase in oil consumption, go to the semi-synthetic oils.And only in the already quite "tired" motor can be poured "mineral water".

3 As in the case of engine oils, liquid cooling system should correspond to what is specified in the service book of the car.And just require periodic replacement.Typically, this 2-3, the operation of the vehicle.Old coolant loses its conductive properties, which impairs the heat of the engine operation.Corrosion properties also change coolant which causes the activation of the cooling system corrosion.So we can not be surprised then, that came out of the water pump system (pump), and began to "sweat" technological engine covers.

Fuel.Well, there's nothing to think about - the fuel must be "true"!By the choice of dressings should be approached very carefully, if any suspicion of "fresh-water sponge" to merge without regret - engine repair will definitely be much more expensive.Especially dangerous for the engine metal-containing additives (ferrocene) that dishonest manufacturers add fuel to increase octane.In this case, the spark comes the so-called "red death" - iron oxides are deposited on the insulator of the central electrode candles, and it can not ignite the air-gasoline mixture.There is a so-called "MAKING" engine knocking and detonation.And it is fraught with serious damage.

Temperature also relates to the fundamental element of the engine life expectancy.When operating at elevated temperatures can zakoksovka piston rings, valve stem seals loss of elasticity.Reduced temperature regime is fraught with the deterioration of engine oil quality with all the ensuing consequences.So often looks at the pointer engine temperature!

Well, it seems, everything.Let us hope that these simple rules will help the engine of your car to maintain excellent health for many years.Good luck on the road!