November 05, 2016 00:02

Why motorists flashing lights .

Even in the Soviet Union there was an unwritten law of the drivers - flashing lights.Residents of the southern republics were the founders of this tradition, and after the publication of such innovations in the newspaper blinking lights spread throughout the territory of our country.Blinking lights - a recognized drivers sign warning of the danger (accident or traffic police).But the flashing lights can mean not only a warning about something.

If the cars are in a traffic jam, one short main beam flash means "Pass."It may also mean "pay attention" or "thank you."However, the "thank you" better than a distant light not say to avoid the emergency.

to warn oncoming vehicles of the "wait" or an accident, drivers use the sign - two short flashes beam headlamps.This sign is considered an international, he is clear to drivers of all countries "reduces the speed."If the driver wants to warn oncoming traffic, which side is the danger, it includes a left or right turn signal.

Long flashing high beam headlights "in the back" means "give way."The car, to give way, decided to thank a few flashes of "emergency gang".Short main beam headlights light side means "miss."This sign drivers use when you want to join the dense traffic.

If oncoming vehicles flashing lights frequently, it can mean "turn off the far blinds" or that with the headlights on your car that is not right.

If when driving on country roads in a bus or truck left turn signal is turned on, it means "you can not overtake."If the driver shows the right turn signal means "you can overtake."

Blinking lights are not always interpreted correctly.Newly minted drivers often are not aware of these signs.Newcomers better to them not to use, but watch the road and not to blink with or without cause.For violation of the rules for use of light devices provide a warning or a fine of 500 rubles.