October 08, 2016 23:04

Where to go to Moscow with a teenager .

Moscow - famous, rich and modern metropolis.Lots of possibilities and dreams of soaring through the air on a fabulously rich life.It is for this here is directed stream of provincial residents in search of their dreams, just like in Hollywood.However, Moscow's avenues and mercy - this is not only a working routine, but also wonderful places for productive recreation for children and adults.There are lots of interesting objects that will certainly be of interest to parents and adolescents.

1 The first thing you will advise all citizens without exception and travel companies - this is the famous Red Square.The founder of the attractions think Ivan III, who in 1493 ordered the servants to clean the walls of the Kremlin's standing near the wooden buildings to avoid fire.150 years later, on the orders of a different ruler, the famous Moscow area became known as "Red".That it laid the way to the front (red) input to the royal abode of the Kremlin Palace.Now the Red Square - is the main historical attract
ion of the metropolis.

Moscow Zoo is not like the primitive habitat of the poor animals.Rather, the territory that is home to numerous representatives of fauna and flora, you can call this realm.Almost in the center of the dusty town is the largest Russian zoo, which was created in 1864 and to this day does not stop to replenish their ranks exotic of mammals, birds, reptiles.On an area of ​​22 hectares is home to over 8000 animals.

Right at the entrance to the zoo, you will see a large pond with swans, dives, migratory Gogol, Goose and ducks.Next on the enclosed lawn in peace roam all members of the cat family, and as no surprise, but the conflicts between the lynx, white tigers, cheetahs, cougars do not arise.On the contrary, "cat owner" is a zone of beautiful flamingo habitat, then a funny orangutan from Borneo friends.there is a dolphinarium and terrarium Among the thematic and group zones inhabitants of the zoo.Visiting a zoo, do not forget to make some memorable pictures on the background of exotic animal species, as well as favorite items memorializing bizarre animals.

Christ the Savior Cathedral - the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Russia.Taking a walk with your teen on Moskovsky Prospect, take a few minutes to the spiritual deification, feel the strength and power of the Holy Spirit.The height of the spiritual abode - more than 100 m, and the area is more than 4000 m2.The rich decoration of the church, miracle-working icons, exquisite murals on the walls and the dome with gold leaf, holy relics - this marvelous beauty and luxury come to admire, even atheists and devotees of other religious faiths.

Ostankino Park, perhaps - one of the favorite holiday destinations for adults and children.No frills, solid classics and at the same time a lot of fun for everyone.In the middle of a conservation area is located a wooden Ostankino Estate.If the humidity exceeds 80%, close the entrance for visitors.In the park you can not just ride on the modern attractions, satisfy your hunger in a good café or look at the sculptural values, but also ride on a boat.You also have the possibility of active recreation - rent bikes and go for a family walk through a forested area or take a ride on rollers on the specially equipped area.

Museum of Baron Munchausen.Just as a teenager, when in school programs begin to teach foreign literature, the children will be very informative to dip into a virtual journey through the life of the fantastic character.After reviewing a fascinating movie, the children will learn that created the legendary hero of his prototype - a gentleman of similar names and similar biographies.The museum displays famous exhibits that have been preserved from the creation of filmstrip of the representations of the legendary Baron.

If your offspring was 14 years old and you get together crave adrenaline and get lost in the illusion of space - visit the Mirror Maze on the Arbat.Do not be so confident and full of enthusiasm, assuring that you are not scared of sudden rustle, you will tremble with fear, seeing the strange display of lighted mirrors.Flickering light, disorientation completely erase your skeptical views on mysticism.Coming out through the mirror, you will feel an incredible joy of life, and the troubled state gradually let go.

not necessarily looking for what to see and where to go in Moscow.In any part of the city, just walking down the street, you will meet interesting places on every corner, where you will find for yourself something useful, informative and impressive.