October 19, 2016 23:03

Where to go in Yalta .

about celebrities chic and beautiful Crimean city of Yalta heard everyone - is a resort with museums and open-air sites.In addition to the luxurious beaches and all kinds of entertainment for those who like long walks in the fresh air, and lovers of ancient architecture here is, what to see.

All Yalta is surrounded by greenery of various plants, including some places dominated even exotic, full of signs of cafes and restaurants, gives the pleasure of opening eyes the magnificent panoramas.His familiarity with the Yalta can start with the Quay - the famous Broadway, walking along which you can enjoy the curative sea breeze, enjoy the boundless blue embroidery, visit the mini rides, see luxury hotels, restaurants and sit in a cafe for visitors of all incomes.

Yalta embankment moves smoothly on the palm alley in Seaside Park.Strolling along the promenade, do not get to pass this park.This green area of ​​the resort, as well as others, created the best gardeners of his time.

have a wonderful private aquarium "Cube" in the heart of the city.He can be reached walking on Pushkin Boulevard, passing by visiting Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, photographed near the monument to ASPushkin, having examined the majestic rotunda.In the aquarium you can see the various inhabitants of the seas and oceans, rivers and lakes.

mandatory attribute of rest in Yalta will visit the Yalta Zoo, is a kind of walk in childhood, after which the happy memories will remain in the memory.Here you can spend the whole day walking along the shady paths, enjoying the beauty of the greenery and the grandeur of the mountains, watching live in the spacious and well-kept cages and animals photographed with them.Animals can be stroked, fed, buying food at the zoo or taking her with him, and some even hold on his hands - a small tiger or lion.

Right next to the zoo, at the foot of the rock Stavri-Kaya, is Glade of fairy tales - it is a museum Diverse world of fairy tales in the open air, surrounded by forests and mountains.Here "live" characters sculpture cartoons, fairy tales, poems, myths and legends.Children are constantly entertaining programs and competitions.

far from Yalta is Nikita Botanical Garden, which is complemented by the cactus greenhouse.The area is so vast that it is not enough for the day, to cover the entire area of ​​the arboretum.A great variety of charming corners of eyes waiting for everyone who comes here.

Major attractions near Yalta - it palaces and castles with adjoining parkland around them.Vorontsov, Yusupov, Dulber, Kichkina, Livadia and Mansandrovsky palaces and castles, Swallow still cherish the magnificence of the architecture and the prematurely departed the history of past years.Parks around the palaces are always well maintained and has a lot of relict plants, fountains and pools.

Many in the Big Yalta and unique relics, it is the Temple of St. John Chrysostom, the Church of the Intercession, Foros, St. Nicholas and the beautiful Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky - the main Orthodox Cathedral in Yalta.

Stay foot rest, you can go to the sea to take a ride on a boat to see dolphins and the beauty of the Crimean peninsula from the sea.Or as an alternative - to climb to the summit of Ai-Petri cable car and to see the peninsula from the bird's-eye view.

Yalta rhythm of life is set up so that it is ready to receive tourists in summer and winter.Despite the fact that there are constantly crowded, noisy and not cheap, this city has its own unique aura, customizable and relaxing, distraction from everyday worries and light waste of money.