October 23, 2016 23:01

Which castles to visit in Saxony .

Saxony was once one of the principalities of Germany.The city of Dresden - its beautiful capital, the sample of architectural perfection.Collection of paintings, sculptures and other works of art are concentrated in the numerous castles of Saxony.

Moritzburg Castle - one of the most beautiful and magnificent works of architecture.It is located 14 km from Dresden.Built on the water for a rural getaway in the hunt for the Elector Moritz of Saxony in 1546.Now, after the reconstruction it has become even more beautiful and is known worldwide as the Cinderella castle.Lovers of fairy tales knows that this is where Cinderella arrived at the ball.

Kriebstein Castle - the most remarkable knightly castle Saxony, as if grows on the steep, high cliff height of 45 m, in the middle between the cities of Dresden and Leipzig, in the bend of the river Chop.Looking at it immediately pop up in memory of the legend of the beautiful ladies and brave knights.The exact date of construction of the castle is unkn
own in the annals of the IV century found the first mention of him.Architecture
fortress belongs to the late Middle Ages.

Fortress Mildenshtayn founded in 922 at the request of the Duke of Saxony Henry the Fowler, who became the first king of the German kingdom.He entered into history as a warrior and a stern ruler.Construction of the fortress was one of his methods of land conquest.Such was the strength and Castle Mildenshtayn was subsequently court and jail him.Every year on April 1 the castle celebrated Walpurgis night.Around the fortress a beautiful park.

Rochlitz Castle attracts with its pointed towers, which rise menacingly over the river Mulde.To admire its beautiful surroundings, it is necessary to overcome the ladder in 140 steps.The castle is known from the beginning of the XII century or even earlier, when his place was to strengthen.At one time he was an imperial castle of Saxon kings.By interior decoration that has not changed, it is possible to judge the lives of people in the Middle Ages.

Albrechtsburg Castle - the main attraction of the town of Meissen, which is famous as the birthplace of the famous Meissen porcelain.The castle founded in 1471 during the reign of the Elector Ernest and his brother Albrecht Bold.The castle is an architectural masterpiece, he first built as a home of peace and not a fortress.Now the castle is white porcelain museum, where unique exhibits are stored.

Zwinger - palace complex, built under Augustus II the Strong in 1719, the luxury German Baroque monument.It consists of a variety of elegant pavilions, which are connected by galleries.One of the buildings - the Dresden Art Gallery.Castle was built in the likeness of Versailles castle.Look it changed several times changed his destiny.But today it is a work of Baroque combines a variety of forms, affects the unprecedented wealth of imagination.

hartenfels - a majestic castle in the Renaissance style, is located in Torgau.Built in the XV century, the castle has been completely preserved till our days.It is the largest castle of the early Renaissance.Its feature is the unusual staircase in the shape of a spiral.Twenty meters "spiral of stone" is inside an open tower.Outside, you can see how it rises to the upper floors.

Palace Pillnitz Castle was the summer country residence of the Saxon King Augustus the Strong.It was built on the banks of the river Elbe in the XVII century, it is a palace and park ensemble of three buildings: Water Palace, Nagorno palace and later they connected the new palace.The buildings are surrounded by a very elegant English-style park, Water castle steps down straight to the river.

Albrehtsberg - one of the locks on the Elbe River, a fine example of Prussian classicism, built in 1850-1854 years for Prince Albrecht - the younger brother of the Prussian kings.It reminds villas Rome of the Renaissance.Delightful terrace of the castle secured slopes of the Elbe River.One of his decorations - a great Roman fountain with columns.Now there are concerts of classical music.

Saxony - dreamland thousands of locks, they can be found everywhere.Visit all the castles and fortresses would like, but it is simply impossible.Therefore, there are marked the most legendary and unique ones.