October 24, 2016 23:01

Where to go from Moscow by car .

Travel by car - it is a pleasure, especially when in the hands of a ready route, compiled independently.After all, only you can decide where to go, how fast and how long to stay there.Agree, a luxury impossible to afford during an organized tour ... So far from Moscow, but very interesting in such places.

Zhostovo.Village in the suburbs, which is famous for its painted spacings.This folk craft attracts tourists from nearby neighborhoods - here at the factory decorative painting acts trays museum, perhaps the only one in the can feel people's master, and under the guidance of an experienced master paint tray and take it to the memory as a souvenir if you wish.

Kolomna.Sweet Tooth pastes waiting Museum.It Kolomna near Moscow city is considered the birthplace of Russian pastes.The museum is opened relatively recently - in 2009, but "like flies on ... candy" sweets lovers flock here."Antonovka" Only here the pasta is cooked according to traditional recipes from the old varieties of
apples.Besides the museum, Kolomna have to look at lovers of antiquity - Kolomna Kremlin, St. John the Baptist Church, Old-Golutvin Monastery and many other historical monuments.

Zvenigorod.A little further from the city focused the brightest local attractions.Here it is preserved the spirit of the Middle Ages in earthen ramparts that surround Zvenigorod Kremlin, which is composed of the Assumption Cathedral, painted it himself Andrei Rublev.Finest Moscow Monastery - Savva Storozhevsky.In the 17th century was the residence of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

Gzhel.Here is concentrated all the charm of national painting on ceramics and porcelain.In the village of Gzhel is factory Xin Russia.You can take a guided tour - to get acquainted with the technical side of production and painting products as well as to look at the museum exhibits or participate in a workshop, make your own product.

Tula.Tula gingerbread Tula samovars and - these phrases have long been the hallmark of the city.Here you will find museums and specialized, and gingerbread factory and the exhibition collection of samovars, and ancient fortresses and churches.Tula is located not far from the famous Yasnaya Polyana - family nest Leo toasts.

Visitor Centre Ethnomir.Here we gathered together culture construction of various nationalities.Surrounded by traditional wooden houses, it is the Museum of the Russian stove.Having been here for a tour, do not go past the town of Borovsk, who seemed frozen in time.

If you decide to visit the ancient Serpukhov, do not forget to drop in on the way to the village of Old Kuzmenko, where the farm "Russian ostrich" bred, oddly enough, African ostriches.At this point, you can not just stare at the strange birds, but also to buy ostrich products - meat, eggs, souvenirs.

Pereslavl.The town and its surroundings - a great attraction, which explore in one day is impossible.This town - the center of ancient temples, churches and monasteries.Also, there are many museums, such as Museum of the kettle, iron, Boat of Peter the Great and other ... Do not forget to visit the pagan temple - Blue Stone, which according to legend can neither drown nor bury in the ground, it always re-appears on the surface.

Going on the way, do not forget to take a "companions inĀ» GPS-navigator, in order not to lose time looking for the right place.Fill the tank full and no nails, no wand!