October 19, 2016 23:03

How to get rid of the smell of dampness .Eliminating the smell of damp

Moist air helps the appearance of a persistent smell that permeates the walls and furnishings.Constant humidity has a negative effect on the health of residents.Therefore, it is important to as quickly as possible to find its source and take corrective actions.


root cause without removing moisture from the hearth smell fight is useless, as it will appear again and again.Consider the most common causes:

  • Flooding.To solve the problem, it is necessary to eliminate the leak (or ingress of water from the outside), which may result in a decent investment.In some cases, the moisture is absorbed deeply into the finish, so you have to carry out major repairs.If the moisture is coming from the basement, make it waterproof ceiling.Thus, the moist air will not penetrate into the room.
  • Poor ventilation.When the room ceases to circulate the air, there is dampness.Check the drawing performance.If it does not work or is minimal, please contact the municipal service.
  • poorly insulated exterior walls.T
    his problem makes itself felt primarily in the spring and autumn, when the air is saturated with moisture.At this time, the wall may be impregnated with dampness.The problem can be solved by warming walls of the house from the outside.
  • cracks.Inspect all joints between walls, floor and ceiling.In the event of a crack treat it with foam.

Eliminating dampness in the wardrobe

Moist air in the cabinet may be caused by dampness in the house or on the grounds of wet things in there.Perestirayte all things thoroughly dry and ventilate them.For the drying of heavy clothing is required for a longer time.Cabinet recommended to wash with soap and water or potassium permanganate, and then also be dried in the open air.

Eliminating dampness in the bathroom

Bath regularly filled with moisture and steam, but dampness and mold there should not appear.Good, clean tile and deal with it (especially the seams) impregnation intended for combating fungi and water rejection.Make sure that air circulates in the bathroom good.If there is damp because of wet towels, dry them outdoors or install an electric towel rail.


When the main cause moisture persists, apply the following measures:

  • airing.Well ventilate every room in the house.Do not forget to carry out this procedure on a daily basis.In winter it is recommended to open the windows for at least 15-20 minutes.In this case, the appearance of a specific flavor is not exactly threatening.
  • absorption of moisture.To moisture evaporate as quickly as possible out of the room, use a special mixture.Take 20 pills of activated charcoal and mix them with 100 g of salt.These components are absorbent.Vases with a mixture of put in nooks.Change the composition of each week.
  • Ozonator.If possible, use the Ozonator.This device refreshes and disinfects the air.Ozone quickly eliminates all odors.The tool is safe for people with allergies.
  • oil burner.This method will make the room a new fragrance.That he has not turned too cloying, dilute the oil with water.For refreshment facilities best suited orange aroma, eucalyptus or cedar.Alternatively, you can use air fresheners, but they can not come up with allergies.
  • Other flavorings.Some housewives love to use the dried lemon peel to eliminate odors.Similarly, the property has a cloaking and coffee.At the final stage of the struggle arrange the room a vase with lemon peel and coffee beans.

Carrying out quality work will get rid of dampness forever.After the elimination of its causes do not forget to disinfect the well center.If you are unable to locate or remove the cause, contact the organization that provides housing services.