October 23, 2016 23:02

How to clean silver fox .Methods for cleaning fox

you - the owner of a beautiful fox, know how to keep and take care of it properly, but you still need to learn to clean it from all sorts of pollution.As the house on their own to carry out cleaning fox, not to spoil the product?

To clean the fox, you need the following materials:
  1. Talc and gasoline;
  2. Sponge;
  3. cleaning potato, ammonia, alcohol and brush;
  4. Semolina or starch;
  5. Cotton swabs, alcohol solution or vodka;
  6. wet sheets and beater;
  7. soft cloth and acetic consistency.

Silver Fox - a fur with long pile, so to clean it more suitable to be part of such a children's talc and petrol, mixed until a pasty consistency.Apply the mixture on the skin and gently rub.Then you need to dry things.Next you need to shake the product of the fur, than you will save him from the mixture.The procedure can be repeated to good effect.Then brush to comb his fur growth of Pile.

to the following method will need gasoline and sponge.First, you need accurate and well shaken coat.Gasoline perf
ectly cope with different impurities.To achieve a good result, it should be slightly wet sponge in the solution and rub the stains, collar and cuffs.Then leave the fox to dry under ambient conditions.

Take cleaning potatoes and thoroughly wash them under water with a brush.Further purification mince and will drop a little bit of alcohol.Apply a soiled place this mush and gently rub them with a brush.Then a damp cloth to remove the need to mix with fur, once again rub, try not to wet scrapings.Then you should hang the product on the shoulders, well-leveled and allow to dry Silver Fox.

There is the following known method of cleaning things from the fox.Take semolina or starch and pour fur.Lightly rub the rump in fur, which absorbs all the dirt.Then the fur shake well to avoid ingredient left.

If you bet on fox greasy stains, then getting rid of them is also a simple way.Take a swab and soak it in alcohol or vodka, and then gently wipe this grease stain.Diligently do not rub to the pile is not spoiled.

The following method is good for cleaning normal dust from the fox.You should brush away its designed brush or cloth, but dry.If the fur is too much dust, the fox should be wrapped in a wet sheet and beat beater carpet.Only slightly!

If faded fox and little lost your external view , then restore its original luster help acetic consistency.Wipe fur fox and hang fresh air to an unpleasant smell weathered.

Now you know exactly how to clean the house yourself products fox.The result of hard work done by you, will be an excellent view of your fur product that does not require a long time to re-cleaning.