October 24, 2016 23:01

How to clean the collar .Shoe collar: professional care and home remedies

coat, usually washed only in the offseason, periodically scraping the special means.But some parts of the product, such as collar and cuffs are subject to rapid contamination and clogging.Wash or dry-cleaned to give a coat, jacket or coat only because of the dirty collar impractical and unprofitable.With pollution collar fully able to cope on their own at home.

jacket can not be washed in a machine of costume fabric.The only way out - a professional dry cleaning.But if only a soiled collar, then this is not necessary, you can manually remove dirty soapy water or other means:
  • dissolve 1 tablespoonammonia in Article 3.l.water;
  • dissolve in Article 6.l.ammonia teaspoon of salt, a sponge dipped in solution wipe the collar, then wipe with a dry cloth ;
  • effectively cope with spots warm vinegar - clean the dirt with a brush;
  • if to rub a slice of raw potato on the greasy areas of the collar of his jacket, fabric purchased original matte color. Home - not forget to wipe with a damp cloth
    after use collar potatoes.

For care of leather goods efficiently apply special funds.Cleaned of contamination and return shine collar means brand Bagi Kozhanka.Stain Avel Hussard gently cope with fatty, greasy spots.But if the hand was not a professional tool, you can use the available means:
  • lemon juice to cleanse the dirt and returns shine;
  • stubborn dirt removed from the using ammonia;
  • soaked in vinegar brush rub greasy stains;
  • fresh cut onion remove grease stains.

Suede fabric is easy to attract dust and dirt, clean that, without damaging the product , is quite difficult.Convenient and practical to clean suede coat collar special rubber brush and sprays for suede. example, brand «Zamvel» .Raising the villi using brush spray can be applied according to the instructions.In the absence of a special brush use a piece of rubber or a crust of stale black bread.Good clears suede pairs - walk around the collar of the spout paruyuschego kettle or iron.The steam will raise the pile of dirt and cleans the material.Grease stains withdraw ammonia, diluted with water (4 tbsp. L. Glass of water).Cloth soaked in the solution gently clean the stain, then wipe with a dry cloth.

collar faux fur is not recommended to wet because the probability of loss form products, the villi can simply peel off .If you do decide to wash the fur, try not to wet basis.Better use of cleaning with foam.To start the product hang on a hanger (trempel), it was convenient to uniformly clean collar.Having dissolved detergent in the water, you need to shake up the foam.Dip the brush in foam and clean the fur in the direction of the nap.Clean brush remove the foam residue from the fur.Then gently dry the cloth, lay neatly villi in the right direction.Dry collar should be a natural by . dried fur nrasscheshite comb to make volume and shine.

fur needs professional dry cleaning.But take care of the fur collar should be regularly until visible contamination, and at home.Care depends on the type of fur:
  • fox can be cleaned with the help of potato starch, scattering on the fur and gently combing special brush .With significant contamination can be washed with soap and water fur.The soap should be neutral without coloring and bleaching components.Dampen a soft sponge and soapy water to gently wipe the long fur on the direction of the nap, and short - against.Then air dry brush and comb .Effectively coping with this mud composition: water, stir a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.The solution is poured into a spray bottle and sprayed collar.Dried in the sun and cleaned from the remnants of the solution with a clean cloth.
  • collar of astrakhan, mink or rabbit purified by wheat and rye bran.To this heated mixture sprinkle on fur, a few minutes shake brush and comb collar.
  • beaver and otter fur is easy to clean with hot sand.The hot sand pour on the collar evenly.Then a little and gently shake off the fur and remember the product.

correct collar for regular care will help maintain well-groomed appearance of the entire product and extend its use.