October 24, 2016 23:01

How tanned hides .dressing skins

present owner, who cares for the fruit of their hands, wants to make the most of them.At the bottom of rabbits, nutria and other animals have nowhere to put the skins.They have to throw because the reception points is almost gone, and where it has taken to offer a price that communicate with them and feel like.But throw out the good is doubly painful, so we'll tell you how it is possible to learn how to dress skins at home.

The first stage of work with skins called Soaking (soaking).skin tanning can be started immediately after skinning, ie when it steam, then soaking process is not needed.But if the skin is dry, it should be done with the help of a soft soaking, so that you can remove the scrapings.The skins before soaking is necessary to turn the fur inside, and the flesh side out.Then prepare yourself solution and utensils.Ware is better to use plastic.The amount of solution for each batch of skins being prepared individually.The skins of the solution must lie freely without clinging to each o
ther, so that they can be freely stirred.To prepare the solution should be in warm water to dissolve the table salt and add antiseptic.Sol put rate of 40-50 grams per liter of water.In use as an antiseptic or furatsilin formalin (1 tablet per liter, or 1 gram per liter).Hides lay in the solution for twelve hours if they are not softened during this time, they should be left in the solution for several hours more.

subsequent process called fleshing.During the work with the skins removed the remnants of fat and meat.Hides flesh side out put on a flat deck or lagging and special mezdrilnym knife is removed from the surface of all superfluous.Instead mezdrilnogo knife you can use a simple, but it should be large, with thick and blunt blade.The skin needs to be processed, from the hind legs and moving to the head.After removing the inner side of her wash to wash away the remnants of fat.In the warm water, a solution of detergent and salt (20-30 grams of salt per liter, and 5 grams of detergent).Solutions should be enough to stuff floated.Rinse should be five minutes, then wring out and proceed to further processing.

next process - pickling.Preparing a solution which includes a salt and acid.It hides gain flexibility, they can be stretched.To make the substance placed in warm water, and 50 grams salt 10 grams of acid per liter of water.The acid may be used, acetic, lactic or formic acid.The solution Pickel skins should be twelve hours they need to stir often.To determine the availability, should remove it from the solution, gently squeeze, flesh side folded inward and tightly squeeze the fingers bend place.Then, expand, and if the fold appeared white trail, the skin is ready for the next stage of processing.

subsequent tanning process makes the skin strong.A solution is prepared from 50 grams of salt and tannins.As used tanning agent or alum is aluminum potassium dichromate (potassium bichromate) - 10 grams per liter.The solution is made in hot water, laying the hides on the day, at times the mass heated.Then they pull, squeeze and zhiruyut.

fattening process involves coating the skin with a special solution to impart shine.To prepare the solution, take liter of warm water and dissolve it in 100 grams of salt by adding 30 grams of glycerol and ammonia 5 egg yolks.The solution is applied in a heated state to the interior of the brush material and the inner side of the fold to each other by twelve hours.Then after some time a special scraper to clean off the remains of the masses.

And last process - drying.By the rules of the skin to press on a centrifuge, and dried in a chamber with sawdust skate again in the centrifuge.But such a device is not at all the host, but because it is put on the hoop.Dry need not completely, it should be slightly moist.Oh, and then have patience and start to knead the material by hand.The process is not a quick and time-consuming.When the final warm-up passes final drying skins.