October 22, 2016 23:01

How do I get compensation for deposits .How to make payment on deposits

legislation provides a special mechanism for the protection of deposits - a system of insurance or guarantee of deposits.According to her, contributions to be insured when the insured event, such as the bankruptcy of a bank or revocation of a license by the Central Bank.Because of the Deposit Guarantee Fund shall pay compensation as soon as possible.

Compensation funds Sberbank of Russia are subject to the contributions that have been posted and are active until June 20, 1991.The procedure of calculation and purpose of these payments is regulated by the government of the Russian Federation.All calculations are made taking into account the nominal value, ieof that amount, which is labeled on the banknotes.Categories of citizens who are entitled to compensation on deposits, and the relevant principles of the settlement amounts due:
  • Russian citizens born before 1945 inclusive, are entitled to three times the reimbursement of contributions;
  • citizens of the Russian Federation, born from 1946 to 199
    1, put the payment at the double rate of contributions;
  • heirs depositors, who belong to the above categories.

to receive compensation for deposits, the depositor must contact the bank, to write an application for compensation, to present a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and passbook.Heirs of, among other things, impose an additional document, which confirms the relationship and the right to inheritance, as well as the certificate of death of the depositor.Investor may transfer the right to receive compensation trustee by issuing a power of attorney to the bank branch and assured her of the methods appropriate for each individual case, for example, a notary, administrative staff medical institution in which the contributor or the organization to which the contributor passestraining or work.

possibility of obtaining compensation for deposits given not only to depositors of the former USSR.Currently, there are many banks, deposit-taking, but not all of them are successful activity.Some banks declare bankruptcy.In this case, within two weeks of the Deposit Insurance Agency selects a credit organization, which will pay compensation, and places this information in the media and closed the entrance of the bank.Also reported, and a list of required documents for the registration of compensation, the main ones being the deposit agreement, receipt of all funds deposited with the Bank, identification documents.

Online Deposit Insurance Agency provides comprehensive information on the deposit insurance: the list of banks that are the agents and participants of the deposit insurance system, under "Insurance cases" provided an exhaustive list of all the banks, which is carried out payment of insurance compensation.