October 23, 2016 23:02

As the child to earn money .The ideas of the feasible income for children.The article offers a wealth of ideas for a living at the age of 10 years .

According to the law, you can work with only 14 years.However, in the 10-12 children can get a certain amount for their labor.In addition, together with the income the child labor experience brings an understanding of the value of money, it brings a small personal responsibility and thrift.

At any age you can earn on cleaning.To help in the home family, friends, neighbors and get paid for it - great.

child may well act as a gardener or Tree and shrub planting.At the worst, just collect fallen leaves or clean the snow - the same work.

Organize washing machine for a fee.This activity does not require special skills, but it is quite profitable.

Let the child pasting ads.Many advertising agencies will not give up such services, however, require a high-quality performance.The situation is similar with the distribution of flyers: smart promoters today need everywhere.

If the child is well-versed in the city can earn courier.For delivery, pizza, other purchases only r
equires knowledge of the streets and public transport routes.

Often children get along well with other children.Ask student to work nanny.Of course, a huge advantage to be gained before a similar experience, for example, little brother-sister.Top quality for any nurse - care, patience and love to kids.And of course, your child will need to have on hand a list of phone numbers, which should be to call in an emergency.

Several easier to look after the animals.Almost everyone will be able to take a walk with the dog, clean the hamster cage or aquarium, feed the four-legged pets.For the child who loves all living creatures, such employment will be a joy.

According forces teenager and trade.If you have a garden, select a few beds youngest, so it will grow and sell crops.In another suitable newspapers, sweets, useful small things.Most likely, the child has a good, but unwanted toys or clothes.Give him the idea to sell some items to get equity.Used things easier to sell through specialized sites -,,

9 Much more interesting products to sell hand-made.Surely the child is interested in something: draws, weaves, creating crafts ... Almost every hobby can be turned into a small business.Such earnings promotes self-development and provides a moral satisfaction.

possible to win money for prizes in various competitions.Nurture the child the spirit of competition, motivate participation in the competition, and then he wants to try to force an equal fight.

Modern teenagers can not imagine themselves without a computer.But while the monitor can be carried out at a profit!Depending on the child's level of knowledge, he is able to download a movie and burn it to the media, edit photos, type the text or even reinstall the operating system.People pay for each of these services.

Older children who have mastered the Internet, can fill the treasury with the help of online spaces.There are many resources where customers place setting of a different nature: Like, do repost, write a comment, participate in the survey or go to the link.The most popular platforms - Advego, WmMail, WpComment.If a child says good works, ask him to make your own blog, for example, Live Journal.When publishing short stories or their own thoughts at the end of the recording should be placed sponsored link and thus earn.

Whichever way of earning you choose, always anxious about the safety of a minor worker.Familiarize him with fair trade rules, quality of services, behavior with strangers.If you want to help your child, keep it and to express full confidence that everything will turn out fine.