October 24, 2016 23:01

How to find the percentage of the number .How do you know the percentage of the number .The article describes the different methods of calculating the percent of the number .And the easiest way to learn % .

While studying in school, children think that teachers are so many lessons set.Especially in mathematics, this knowledge may not be necessary in life.But when grow up, you know, it does not correctly done and much missed on deaf ears.Now we have to re-learn.Indeed, without knowledge are not counted even what percentage of you will be removed when withdrawing money from a plastic credit card for cash.

The easiest way - is to calculate what percentage of the number through a worldwide network.To do this, go to the Internet and click on the page here.There's only insert data into the required fields, and the result is you deem calculator.For example, how do you know what percentage of the number 15 of 13. To do this, insert the second row, first 15 and then 13, we press "Read".The calculator gives: 115.38461%.

From mathematics textbook for the fifth grade is known that the percentage (%) - one hundredth of a given number.Example: to find 675 of 4500 is a rate, use the rule of the cross: the
data which are opposite each other, multiply, and divide the third number.And the number of write under the numbers, percentages under interest:

4500 - 100%;

675 - x%;

x = (675 * 100) / 4500;

x = 67500/4500 = 15%.

is not difficult to find out the percentage and on an ordinary calculator.You can simply count as the second paragraph.There is still a way to explain with an example.We know the numbers - 8700, it is necessary to find how much is 47% of that number.Do the following:
  • on the calculator dial: 8700;
  • We press "Multiply" (*);
  • Then: 47;
  • Push the button "Interest" (%);
  • Then "equal" (=);
  • turns: 4089

If you're near a computer, no sheets and pens, and need to know how much will be 47% by 8700. Then, on your desktop, create a «Microsoft Excel Sheet"open the document in the selected row, enter the following on the keypad:
  • Equals (=)
  • Then: 8700
  • Click on "Multiply» (*)
  • then 47
  • Press (%)
  • at the end click on "Enter ».
  • will turn out: 4089.

Do not forget that there are calculators on mobile phones (applications) on their computers and laptops in the "Start" menu.And how to find% from the numbers on the calculator - look to in paragraph 2.

Knowing these tricks now be able to easily determine the percentage of a certain number.Such knowledge of today really need.And though sometimes perform calculations in a column, not to forget the multiplication table.