October 24, 2016 23:01

How to open a savings account at the Savings Bank.How to create a new savings account

Until recently the passbook was issued automatically when you open an account in Sberbank.It was replaced by a compact plastic card.However, owners of passbooks may continue to use them, and what's more, anyone has the right to make a new passbook.How to do it - read on.

Choose the most convenient for you branch of Sberbank.Find all applicable Savings Bank Branch can be on his official website, for that on the main page, click on the link "Branches", then type in the search box the name of his village, until you type the name pop up prompt is in the form of a list of oneor more of the options, select the appropriate one.Check the schedule and time of the selected department.

in time please contact the Savings Bank, to yourself be sure to keep your passport.Please note that for registration of passbooks, you must have a passport the mark of the residence registration.

an automated system for issuing coupons to optimize queue in most branches of the Savings Bank.Take a ticket and
if difficulty in choosing the category, ask the help of a consultant.When the scoreboard will show the number of your ticket, go to the window, the number of which will also be shown on the scoreboard.

Notify specialist that you would like to have a savings account, you can, Explain for what purpose you need it.Perhaps the employee of the bank will offer you another option, for example, to issue a plastic card.If you for some reason are not satisfied with it, do not hesitate to give up and ask for it strongly passbook.You will in any case will not give up.

passbook will issue directly with you, the only condition - you have to put it no less than 10 rubles.There are no fees for account maintenance for the possession of the bank passbook does not charge.As soon as you call it, how much you want to charge at the book and pass the money, specialist makes an entry in the savings bank itself on the flow of funds.Each of your withdrawal or the accrual of a sum of money will be registered in the savings bank account.

Be sure to take a printout with the details of the bank.If you are on the passbook will transfer benefits or compensation, for example, you'll first need to tell the account number listed on the cover sheet of the passbook, and these details.