October 31, 2016 00:03

How to choose a scooter child.Choosing a scooter for the baby

assortment of scooters on our market is so varied that just get lost in the abundance of models, colors and saturation in bright appearance of the offered goods.It is difficult to understand how to choose the right model for your child, so much so that not only pleasing to buy it, but you.

First of all, decide to place your child vehicle parking.If the apartment is small-sized, buy folding scooter.Such a thing is mobile, easy and usually does not take much space.Note that the quality of folding scooters are much worse than the whole (quite durable and heavy).

two or three wheels?It all depends on the child's age.For the baby two or three years, buy a three- or four-wheeled scooter - it is not difficult to manage, it is stable, does not develop high speed.Older child safely purchase two-wheeled model, in which the young "driver" will learn to keep the balance and maneuver in a variety of ways.

When selecting a two-wheeled scooter note parameters such as the material from which ma
de its case, wheels (what they are and what to do), the steering wheel, the availability of the brakes and the strength of structural elements.

models scooters plastic durable and less weight is significantly lighter than steel structures, so this kind of material is used most often in the three- and four-wheel models.Choosing a scooter, be guided by the child's age - a plastic housing allows the kid on their own to move its thing and ride it at such a rate that the risk of injury is minimal, and the metal body (used aluminum or an alloy with steel) due to its weight will be more stable,reliable and durable.

scooter wheels affect the speed, agility, smoothness and overall comfort when riding.Choosing between the plastic and rubber wheels, give preference to the rubber, as this material will smooth out bumps in the road, the minimum noise when driving and has good shock absorbing qualities.The diameter and width of wheels affects the driving speed - the larger the wheel, the slower the scooter will move (though this equipment is ideal for uneven surfaces).Small narrow wheels are good for high speed on a level road.Universal still considered scooters with inflatable tires - such transport will pass on any irregularities with the same success as on perfectly flat.

Note the wheel scooter - it should be regulated, easily tunable to any child's growth, with patch embossed handles, which prevent slipping hands.

better if the braking system is a scooter on the rear wheel.Foot brake, unlike the manual is much safer, because it reduces the intensity of braking and ease of use allows the child to react quickly in an emergency.

Be sure to check all the fasteners products: steering wheel must be well fixed in any position, the platform - a stable and preferably have a ribbed surface, all elements of design - well secured and not to interfere with the child while driving.

scooter - excellent vehicle and a great simulator, which develops the body physically growing up and bringing a lot of joy and pleasure.