November 02, 2016 00:03

How to test gold.Gold product or a fake?

real gold is marked by different samples - from 333 to 999. But the securities are recognized as products with a sample of not less than 585-750.These alloys have high-quality staff, so their authenticity can be verified even at home.

Inspect jewel.Soldering, mounting, lock - all solidly constructed, without defects, if you hold a precious metal.The sample must be clear and accurate, according to the number of not less than 333rd.The figures may be difficult to be viewed only on a fairly old product, which is worn constantly.In this case, note that the most worn portions, such as edge.Ideally, the color here will not differ from other parts of the decoration.

As you know, gold does not react to the magnet, no matter how strong he was not there.Bring a magnet to the product, to ensure its authenticity.

Rub metal on his skin, until it becomes warm.Gold does not leave a trace, and a fake imprint dark stripe.

in an inconspicuous spot precious little to scratch the metal.If
the gold would only cover, under it you'll see the aluminum or lead.

Spend decoration on unfired ceramics (tiles and tableware), vote left the track.Gold speaks of high quality, gray or black - to the contrary.

If you have an ear for music, drop the product onto the glass surface.The sound of the gold the same as the crystal chimes.

Apply a drop of iodine metal.Spot milky indicates forgery.Dark same spot says of the noble origin of the object.Remove with gold trail can experiment with a soft cloth.

jewelry without stones can be briefly dipped in vinegar.Low content of gold affect darkening of the metal.

Having known quality gold, perform this test on the product and the solid dark surface.Items will leave the band of the same color if they are both true.

There are also quite a dangerous popular methods of testing jewelry:
  • not try gold "to the tooth".There is a possibility of damage the enamel or the entire tooth.Moreover, the softness can not only possess valuable thing, and copper with a thin gold plating.
  • not perform experiments with ferric chloride, nitric and hydrochloric acids.If used improperly, these chemicals can damage even the high-quality decorations.

Exploring the gold yourself, be very careful and ready for partial damage to products.The most secure and reliable test provides electronic testers that are available as professional jewelers and individuals.