How to make money in stocks .Invest in stocks without risking

desire for material prosperity and stability inherent in man at an instinctive level, and due to the nature.Everyone wants to be successful, rich, to look to the future.Despite the open access information about financial instruments, to date, not many people know how to make money in stocks.And it is - one of the main tools that allow anyone to accumulate wealth and become financially free.

stock picks as a means of saving and accumulation of money is primarily because with proper selection of the investment portfolio to splurge on them is impossible, but to get a stable high income is quite realistic.Beginners should choose a good broker, at least in the initial stages.Or a pre-depth study subject, having courses in the company trader, studying video and books.

earn on actions can yield margins of the exchange rate differences, and stable dividends.If you are not afraid of risk, and attract financial peaks, try the first option.The second option allows to accumulate funds slower but safer.You can be confident in the stability of your future in the coming years.

Ironically, the stock market - it's not only the economy, but also psychology.Mood market depends on many factors, including human.Try to take this into account when choosing an investment strategy.As long as you're a beginner, listen to the advice of experts, study the mechanisms of the market, carry out fundamental analysis of companies whose shares are planning on buying.Over time you will begin to feel the market.

To reduce the risks, buy shares, so that every transaction you risk no more than 2% of your account.Stop trading until the end of the month, if your score is less than 5% of the original amount.Use the stop order.Try your hand at different styles of speculation and decide what suits you.Try it, learn.

Here is a list of shares of the leading Russian companies, which can be purchased without the risk of Gazprom, Uralkali, Avtovaz, Lukoil, Yandex and Sberbank, Aeroflot, Severstal, Rosneft, Surgutneftegaz, Mechel, Norilsk NickelMTS.

If you do not want to deeply understand the stock category, leave this work to professionals - to select a competent broker.However, even the professionals can make mistakes and have at least a superficial knowledge about how to make money in stocks, you just need.