November 06, 2016 00:02

The lead spot on the grass .The lead spot on the grass at home.The article discusses various ways to remove stains from grass with the help of available funds .

It often happens that children playing soccer in the street, falling on the grass, and return home with a very depressing to look at green spots.They are quite difficult to wash out, but it is a skillful hostess will not be difficult.

If possible, try not to put off laundry for later.Fresh stains do not have time to dry, and wash out the easiest.If failed for some reasons of their own to wash clothes in a timely manner will help you brine.To cook it you need to be diluted in a glass of hot water a tablespoon of can remove it and prostirnut Holding the fifteen minutes a stained clothing solution.This method is versatile.It will also help you to eliminate unpleasant stains from wine, grease and ink.

There is another way in which the spots are printed using denatured alcohol.In this case, moisten a cotton pad with alcohol, continue to rub the part with a spot as long as it does not disappear from view.After this procedure, you must wash it in warm soapy water.

Due to ammonia can easily be discolored, smeared with grass plot.Take a swab, thoroughly clean them green spot and then prostirnite clothes in hot water with the powder.

Another great method for the derivation of the spots produced by using vinegar.Take all the same swab or cotton ball, soak it in vinegar and rub until the disappearance of the dirty area.Further rinse clothes in hot water.

Before breeding grass stains tight stretch "problem" section, fill it with boiling water and immediately wash the clothes by hand.When fail on the first attempt, try again.

A dirty cotton grass can bring a stain using essences of bleach (add a teaspoon per cup of water), and three percent hydrogen peroxide solution.Please note that these two solutions have a tendency to eat away the color.Therefore, this recipe is only applied to things made of white fabric.

Knowing what the materials at hand to use when grass stains, you can easily forget about the bad kind of stained and spoiled things.