November 07, 2016 00:02

How to wash the fluff .How to wash down and feather at home

down products have always been appreciated for their high practicality, durability, softness and teplosohranyayuschie abilities.However, such products require particularly careful treatment.You can give feathers to the dry cleaners, and you can try to cope on their own.

The washing down and feather is best carried out in the sultry summer weather.Ultraviolet light has a positive effect on the material, making prevention of ticks.Also, do not forget to wash the pillow-case at the same time, if you wash the fluff of the pillows.

to wash feather pillow or feather bed, pillow-case you need to rip and carefully remove the contents.Thereafter, divide it into smaller pieces.Prepare small bags of gauze.In each of the vsypte fluff or feathers.Fill the bathtub with warm water (45-50 degrees) and add soap solution.It is best to use an ordinary soap, it is hypoallergenic, which is especially important to use products from fluff.The wash water may also be added a little ammonia.

Wash bags by hand, not very intense, remember a little and let it sit for a couple of hours soaking.Rinse thoroughly with a filling bags with down with copious amounts of running water.Wring out as it should.You can dry the fluff directly into bags, hanging them in the sun, tossing and turning them from time to time.Or spread out the wet stuff on the sheet in a ventilated area and cover the top of the cut-gauze to fluff remained on the spot.Stir it occasionally.When he was a little dry up, spread out in the down pillow and dosushit the sun.

can also be washed in the washing machine lint.For this too, using gauze bags.After loading the bags in the car, select the mode for washing wool.Detergent should also be suitable for woolen products.Rinse an additional once-conditioned.Dry bags in the sun.

happens that fluff is in a quilted pillow-case.In this case, removing the material is not necessary.Wash it better in the washing machine in cold water with a spin at low revs.Also, how to rinse 2-3 times with air conditioning.Dry in the sun or on the battery.

Now, many organizations offer cleansing pads and products from fluff.Their job is to purge air material that removes dust and debris.However, it should be noted that often this type of cleaning is not quality, because these pests like dust mites (if they wound up in the fluff), will remain in place.We need a quality laundry or dry cleaning.The latter is recommended to carry out a couple of times a year.

Despite the obvious advantages of natural down products, it has its drawbacks.Thus, it tends to run off with time.To delay this moment, often whisk and pour down and feather products from.And let you dream sweet dreams!