November 07, 2016 00:02

How to choose a Turk for coffee.What should be a Turk for coffee.For connoisseurs of coffee it is very important that it was cooked in a Turk .Choosing the best .

How would not look chic coffee or coffee - a real foodie choose coffee, brewed in Turku.The true connoisseur will distinguish the taste and aroma of the drink divine, it is prepared in this container.Turka (pots) - a vessel having a different shape and dimensions are currently made of various materials.Choosing the best.

Turku iron choose, if you want it served longer.It is not broken, it is easy to wash.Coffee lover, do not start their day without a cup of coffee, give first place to the Turks, made of copper.The reason for this is the thermal conductivity of the material is uniform and very narrow neck.What is very important and is the key to the emergence of a strong and dense foam.Inside such a Turk must necessarily have a layer of food tin to copper was not included in the beverage.

traditional, historically developed type of pots - clay.Experts say that only this dish can receive a truly unique flavor, delicious taste and richness of coffee.If you want to just such a Turk, remember
that the best material for her - Chinese Yixing clay.She has one drawback: because of its very porous structure, it strongly absorbs the aroma of coffee, so it is necessary to use at cooking the coffee of the same variety, or buy them in your arsenal several pieces.

most versatile Turk - ceramic.Suitable for different kinds of coffee.The quality of prepared coffee in it will not cause censures.Upscale coffee in a ceramic Turk turns thanks to its thick walls.With it, you have to be very careful when boiling coffee in her boiling temperature is maintained long after the Turks were removed from the heat, the coffee continues to boil.In addition, it is characterized by fragility, as well as clay Turk.

When choosing a good Turks pay attention not only on the material from which it is made, but also on its handle and shape.Best of all, if the handle is made of wood.It does not conduct heat - it will protect your hands from burns.If the handle is removed, then a Turk will be easier to clean up after use.More quality Turk drink just will delight you with a narrow neck and wide bottom.Size - preferably one or two cups.In large Turks can not reach a saturation of coffee.

Select Turk, which will delight you with coffee, brewed in her old-fashioned way.Remember that any kind of Turk, the material from which it may be made, should not be washed with detergents.The longer enjoy her coffee, the more it absorbs its fragrance.So each time a drink is all the more magical.