November 03, 2016 00:02

How to buy shares on the stock exchange .On the purchase of shares on the stock market

Purchase of shares on the stock exchange - one way of investing free funds.It is considered quite effective and is designed for those who are disillusioned with the usual methods of investing money.Buy shares on the stock exchange under the force of even a housewife.It is not difficult.

Currently, all purchases of securities are made through an intermediary - a brokerage company.Therefore, the first step is to its selection.Look at the ratings of investment companies, read the reviews and ask advice from friends is already trading on the exchange.It is better to choose a company, not the first year working in the market.Ideally - is included in the first twenty-thirty rankings.

conclude a contract with the selected company.Broker will open a special account.On it you need to transfer money for the future purchase of shares.

You should now install the software for further work in the stock market.Usually it along with the username to log provides brokerage company.This can be eit
her the most common program called "Quick", and any other, including those developed by the broker.

Decide on stocks that you buy.You can buy paper known companies, stable revenue-generating.Or take a risk and invest in a little-known second-tier stocks.For beginners, experts advise to create a portfolio, approximate in structure to the index of one of the exchanges.

Apply for purchase., You need to know the so-called "ticker" to do so.He is assigned to each security on the stock exchange.Specify in the order the right amount of securities.After her confirmation purchased shares will be credited to the depot.

stored in a separate folder and applications regularly purchased shares track quotes.It is better to maintain a record of the transaction.This will help keep track of the level of income received in time and adjust the selected investment strategy.

Income received from trading on the stock exchange, have to pay taxes.Decide whether you will make it your own by filling in a tax return or charge your broker.

Do not forget that the brokerage company will charge a fee for the transaction.Therefore, the transfer of funds for the purchase of shares, adjust the percentage to pay for a mediator.