November 10, 2016 00:05

How to install a diesel UAZ .As UAZ equipped with a diesel engine

Possibility to convert a diesel car - a relatively young trend that is actively spreading.UAZ - automobile assembly, improvement of which the diesel engine is not only simple but also efficient in terms of savings.

In the process, you will need a number of tools at hand:
  • diesel engine;
  • set of bolts and nuts;
  • set of keys;
  • engine oil;
  • lifting system or a professional device;
  • coolant.

2 Place the system start with the holder of advanced diesel engine bearings and tighten all screws.Using the lift, or paired with a worker put the engine into the housing so that the first housing has plunged.Note the module supports a diesel back, they have to get into the mounting slots on the body, and mounting dowels should sit on the rear side of the holder, performing the function of the support mechanism.

Then enjoy a mounting perpendicular to the front crossbar.Lubricate all involved screws, install them into the corresponding holes and secure.Note an important point: to the front frame
bolts must not succumb to high load.

The socket beam, place a rubber block and fix bolts on the reverse side.Now Mount the rubber pad in the right place and check the coincidence reference points.When the lifting device has fulfilled its task, remove it and connect the network cable to test the efficiency of the mechanism.

Experience the functionality of shift gear speed and, if necessary, adjust the cable.Activate the rear movement and speedometer system, if a modification is provided, then install the clutch system and in the process remove the air from the hydraulic system.

After the performed steps, add coolant, observing the consistency.Connect the throttle cable and place a conductive harness, avoiding high-temperature components.All check the performance of your iron horse.

If the vehicle does not start after these steps, makes strange noises, unpleasant smell is heard - do not continue.Apparently, you have missed one point, and in this case it is necessary to disassemble the whole system in reverse order to reinstall or to invite a competent specialist.