November 04, 2016 00:02

How to convert Yandex Money for the Kiwis .How to top Kiwi Yandex Money

For those who use multiple e-wallets or periodically faced with the need to withdraw money to another wallet, the question of translation Yandex Money for the Kiwi remains relevant.Unfortunately, to do such an operation can not be directly today.Consider some of the most user-friendly "intermediaries" to carry out such transactions.

Kiwi Add Yandex Money can be by bank card.A prerequisite for this process is binding to both card payment systems.And the algorithm of actions for the transfer of funds is as follows: Output Yandex Money is at stake, and to replenish the card QIWI Wallet.Note that at the stage of translation Yandex Money for the card you will be charged a commission (3% and 15 rubles.).Replenishing the Kiwis will be no commission.

2 can be selected as an intermediary exchangers.However, there is a risk that your Yandex Money just does not reach the Kiwi.Therefore, the choice of such a service should be approached without haste.In addition, no harm will pay attention to the si
ze of the commission, which exchanger will transfer.

Show your Yandex Money to QIWI Wallet is possible and through WebMoney.To do this, bind to both Account WM purses and use the system of online payments as the same intermediary in the withdrawal of money.The total fee when using this option, the transfer of funds will be about 8%.

Another way to replenish QIWI Wallet Yandex Money - via mobile phone.In this case, you will bring Yandex Money to the account on your phone, and have him throw on QIWI.Note that this option is suitable only for Megafon rooms, Beeline and MTS, and the commission will be about 10%.

To convert Yandex Money can also be used on QIWI electronic maps both services.For example - to create a Visa QWC on Kiwi, tie it to Yandex Money and display them directly on it.

Another can be used for such operations purse single do this, checking it and print through proven exchanger him money from Yandex.Now, in the single payment purse find the necessary services to us, that is, through QIWI, and we move to the desired amount.The process is fast, the commission will be about 3%.

choosing the most convenient way, keep in mind that any of them has a limit on the amount.That is, they allow a one-time transfer to the Kiwis with Yandex Money is the sum of not more than 15 000 rubles.