How to return the insurance on the loan.How to return the money for insurance on the loan

no secret that when a bank customer takes a loan, often in the amount of the loan includes insurance and that the borrower may not know.And sometimes imposed on employees to issue it.Consequently, the amount of repayment of the loan increases.But who wants to pay ... So many and tormented by the question: "How to return the money?»

It is best not to pay them immediately.According to Russian law, if kreditozaemschik borrows on vehicles or mortgage, the insurance is compulsory.And on the other types of loans do not need a social insurance.Only with the permission of the client (part 2 of article 935 of the Civil Code of Russia).

In practice, bank branches in case of failure of the insurance do not give credit.In this case, it should be recalled Article 16 of the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", since it is illegal.

If you have agreed to the insurance, in the event of early termination of the payment or the loan you are supposed to pay back the rest of the amount of money for insurance.What it is recommended to go to the insurance agency and terminate the document.Employees of the company will tell you how much you get.

This is possible if you have registered such an outcome of events in the insurance act even when signing the treaty.The insurance agency must take your passport, insurance, proof of termination or payment of the credit, copies of the entire set of papers.Money offers a list or on a card account, or give in cash through time.

time on the return of insurance shall not exceed 31 days.Conversion makes a new month.For example, the customer has the 13th.Read accountant will be from the 1st of the following month, the remaining 17 days are not paid off.

Some borrowers agree to the insurance, as in the case of injury, serious illness, inability to work or death to pay the credit insurance agency.

Subject to the citizens of all insurance procedures on the loan can be recovered easily.And if you do not want to pay it at all (for consumer loans by a small amount), you have every right to reject the proposal for the insurance of the bank.