November 04, 2016 00:02

How to get a bank card .The process of obtaining a credit card.The article describes , what are the types and classes of bank cards , as they can be issued .

Today, almost everyone has credit cards.Get them is quite simple: it is necessary to apply to the department liked the bank, where you will have professional advice and apply for a card issue.

Card payment system Visa, Mastercard, you can use anywhere in the world where there is an ATM, payment receiving device.Therein lies their attraction.Services for the opening and maintenance of data cards offered by many banks, but each has its own rates and terms.Decide you want to co-operate with any bank.Ask around friends, read reviews on the Internet, go to the consultation.Consider the business reputation of the bank and how wide ATM and branch network on the territory you need.

You must clearly understand what type of card you want to receive.Debit card provides for the use of their own funds, which are available on the card owner can withdraw money in the debt, that is to take out a bank loan at the agreed interest rate.It is also possible to issue a debit card with overdraft.In
this case, the customer can use their facilities for free, and to remove an amount greater balance on the card, but not exceeding the limit set by the overdraft if necessary.For the use of credit funds will then have to pay.Overdraft services are often connected to the payroll card company employees, serviced by salary project in the bank.

also bank cards are divided into several classes: lower (this includes Maestro, Visa Electron), average (Mastercard Standart, Visa Classic), preferred (eg, Platinum, Gold).Class card determines its ability, the presence of bonuses, but it should be understood that the higher the card class, the more expensive its maintenance in the bank.

To order a debit card, it is enough to present a passport with a registration code and VAT number.For credit card may take more time and documents.In particular, it is desirable to be in possession of proof of income.So you will provide a better chance of a positive decision, and the limit on the map above may be approved.

When you have decided on the type and the class card, choose a bank, it is up to small.It is necessary to visit the bank to write a statement on the issue of the card, pay the cost of annual maintenance if necessary.The average nominal card is made three to five days, after which you will be able to take it away with a PIN code.It is useful to you to carry out operations in the ATM card when paying for goods at the store.This code should not be shown to outsiders in order to avoid fraudulent abuse in relation to your funds.Some banks offer expedited issuance of cards for an additional charge.

choosing a bank note, that many of them now offer an additional service to its customers: the ability to manage the account via the Internet and telephone.This greatly simplifies access to information and allows you to make transactions without leaving your home, office.