November 04, 2016 00:02

How to transfer WebMoney to Kiwi .How can I transfer money between WebMoney and QIWI systems

electronic money systems differ from each other not only in the interface, and presented security system services.Some sites have the opportunity to transfer funds using only one system.In this regard, there is a need to transfer money, for example, on the WebMoney QIWI.

One of the methods of translation means of WebMoney in Kiwi-Wallet is the following: from the first system to transfer the desired amount to your phone, and then enter the QIWI system and click "Add funds" of the proposed ways to choose "Online ", and as a place of replenishment point" mobile phone Account "and enter the desired amount.Just keep in mind that such a transfer method involves the total commission of 10% of the amount transferred.

much more profitable (the commission is 3%) to implement "binding" WebMoney purse and Kiwi purse.The algorithm of actions is as follows: in one system to specify the details of the purse of the second system, and then, in turn, confirm the binding.The main thing - that the data ent
ered in both systems coincide exactly.

Simply make "binding" of the QIWI system.To do this, go to the Members Area, clicks on the account balance, the drop-down list, select the last option "Work with accounts.""The new bill┬╗

4 In the next page, in the left menu button is pressed.

new page you need to scroll down a little bit, in the bottom frame will be a link "Transfer money between Visa QIWI Wallet and WebMoney┬╗, you click on it.

Then click "Snap."And in the loaded page, enter your details in the same way as they are presented in WebMoney, other than that, you need to specify the limit of funds transfer between systems for the selected period.

WebMoney wallet number is better to copy from your dashboard, open the "Properties of the purse."

filling the data, click "Bind", your phone will receive SMS "to allow access to the application" WEBMONEY "enter the code 111111", and the screen will show a message with the link, clicking on which will load login pagein WebMoney system.

After entering all necessary data for the login page will open "My accounts, cards', where Kiwi affect your wallet.

At the end of the gray strip, click on the down arrow to select "Attach" from the drop down list.Departure window in which you need to enter the code that you received previously via SMS.After clicking "Submit" instead of "No Data" will be displayed to your Kiwi-purse balance.All binding is made, it remains to withdraw money with WebMoney on Kiwi.

now by logging into your personal account on WebMoney, you'll see that the Kiwi added-purse in the "digital cash" section.

Place your mouse over QIWI with your phone number, and from the drop-down list, select "Add a purse," then the money will go from WebMoney on Kiwi, and if you select the "Transfer funds to the wallet", then WebMoney fromKiwi is translated requested amount.

The most difficult, namely binding purses, done once.The very process of transferring funds is very simple and straightforward, and most importantly, now, carrying out translation on the commission you spend far less than if used transfer through phone bill.