November 04, 2016 00:02

How to pay a fine via Sberbank .Instructions for payment of the fine via Sberbank

Savings Bank provides an opportunity to pay for all kinds of violations.To do this, the payer must know the details of the company, the account that you want to transfer money.There are several repayment options of fines through Sberbank.

Take the payment order and go to the nearest branch of the Savings Bank.Explain the purpose of your visit to the consultant.He will give you the appropriate document in duplicate and will ask to fill it.All data of the recipient indicated in the payment order.Fill in the name of the organization, its VAT number, account number, bank branch, etc.In the "Payment Name" field, enter "Fine."Next, write down your data.Enter your name, address of residence and amount of cash.Put the number and signature.

Check the entered data.After that, go to the "Accepting payments" window with the inscription and pay the required amount.You have to stay one copy of the completed document before the receipt of the payment.To avoid additional difficulties in completing the d
ocument, you can order this service at the Savings Bank consultant.Beforehand confirm its value and if you want to fill entrust the specialist.

you can pay off the fine through any terminal of Sberbank.If you want to translate the clearing, it must possess a bank plastic cards.You also have the opportunity to make a cash payment, but remember that not all terminals are equipped with bill acceptors.On the web site lists all the addresses of terminals in Russia.Select the most suitable option.Note whether the terminal receives the payments and cash.If not - find out with what cards you can make payment.All details can be found on the official website of the Savings Bank.

When payment implementation carefully enter the recipient's details.If you are going to pay in cash, select "Cash Payments".The system will give you a list of organizations to the account which you can transfer money.Choose the right and bring the bar code of the payment receipt to the scanner window.Enter the desired amount and click "Accept Payment".Do not forget to pick up a receipt and remember that payment can be charged for the commission.

most convenient method of payment is a system of "Sberbank Online".You can pay the fine right out of the house.Make sure you are connected to this service, and go to the Members Area.You will be asked to enter the ID code that you have in obtaining a credit card.If you forget it, please contact the Bank by the operator and ask them to remind you of the code.You will be asked a credit card number and secret word that you specified in the questionnaire when it is received.

If you forget it, have to go to the department with a passport and confirm his identity.Only then staff will provide you with access to the personal account.Select "Payments and transactions."Then go to the tab "utilities, communications, telephony and so on."Select "Taxes and penalties."The system should provide you with a list of organizations for the payment of the fine.If you do not see it right, select the "Payment on Arbitrary details", enter your details and transfer money.

Now you know you can pay off any fine via Sberbank.All you need is a payment order.Select the most appropriate way, and initiate a payment.Any of these methods, you can instantly transfer money.