November 04, 2016 00:03

How to pay through the Kiwi .How to pay for services through QIWI purse

With QIWI purse you can pay for various services, and shopping - over the Internet or a terminal.This is relatively new in the Russian market, but it is a very popular payment system.With Kiwi purse many online shops allow to execute payments for goods, without any commission.

QIWI system is closely connected with their service online wallets.It allows you to fill up a purse through the terminal and use the cash with the help of a computer.To do this, log on to the company's website QIWI the link "Register".The same operation can be performed at the terminal of the company by "electronic wallet QIWI».

If the registration is done with a computer, you will need to enter the anti-spam code that will appear on the screen.When registering through the terminal, enter the mobile phone number, and then agree to the terms of registration and click "Register."

3 Wait until the phone will receive an SMS message containing a personal password to access the system QIWI.Locate the "My Account"
and enter in the appropriate fields phone number and received it a code word.Now you can enter the private office and perform various operations on the use of the purse.

fund your account through a terminal or computer.Follow the instructions of the terminal to replenish the purse account for that click "Deposit".To fund your account using your computer, go to your "My Account" and select the method of payment - the item "Payments".Select an operator, enter your phone number or account, click "Pay".Replenish your account.

QIWI system allows also to pay various bills.Click on the way to shop online payment «QIWI purse", it will redirect to the website https: // the form, enter your mobile phone number specified in the registration as a login, then click the button "Accounts" and "Pay" in front of the selected account.After the system will process the application, a new field, where the need to keep the password from her purse, and immediately pay the bill for the purchase.If funds are insufficient, you can pay for your purchase later, after the specified number of days on the store site.

easiest way to make a payment through the terminal.Locate the nearest payment terminal QIWI.On the Home screen, select the button "through QIWI Wallet", enter the mobile phone number specified in the registration, then press the "Next" button and enter the PIN.Select the account for payment (it is highlighted in green), click "Pay" and select a payment method "Cash."Dip into terminal required amount.

When paying bills through the input terminal "round" sum, putting the terminal does not issue fines and does not accept.But the cash balance after the payment can be directly transferred to the mobile phone balance.Add Kiwi-wallet account can be in the cabin cellular, mobile or through social networks with the help of special applications.