November 04, 2016 00:03

How to use Sberbank card.How to use the plastic cards Sberbank .The article tells about the convenience of using plastic cards from Sberbank .

Plastic cards have become part of the life of modern man.They are reliable, practical, and easy to use, so are becoming increasingly popular.Sberbank offers several types of plastic cards, which use simple, convenient, and the power of any sort.

definite plus plastic card that you do not need to carry a lot of cash, that in some way protect you from thieves.This is useful in life and in travel, especially when crossing the border, when you need to transport a large sum of money.If it is stolen card itself, it can easily be blocked by calling the Savings Bank.The required amount can be removed at any time by using the terminal of the Savings Bank, or in any office of the bank.

plastic cards Sberbank convenient for utility payments, fines, fees and other necessary prepay.You can without any queues for just a few minutes to pay all the bills, using the terminals.Or activate "Sberbank Online" and hold all payments directly from the house.To do so, enter into a contract in the office of the S
avings Bank and activate the service and use the service mobile support.Then you do not have to take the one-time passwords to bank branches.

Plastic cards Sberbank easily pay in shops, petrol stations, hotels, restaurants - more and more companies are taking as a payment cards for goods and services.In addition, often the Savings Bank partners provide discounts for non-cash payment, and the bank in turn rewards the customer bonuses - in the form of return of a certain percentage of the purchase amount back to your account.

Another handy feature called Avtoplatezh from Sberbank.You can make a list of phone numbers, and they will automatically replenish your account when you reach a certain limit of funds on the phone.Also, your phone will do all the data and reports on the movement of funds in the account.So you will be able to control their accounts in real time, but also to react in a timely manner, if a card is unauthorized write off the money.

addition to the normal debit card, which means you can keep or receive wages and other payments, there are credit cards.There are some nuances - to use the money on the map, you can, as usual, but if you will not be in time to put out payments on the map, you will be charged interest.However, the credit card is a kind of insurance for the case when you urgently need money.By the way, the same card is very convenient to travel abroad, if you want to rent vehicles and you need to pay a large sum to deposit.Simply lock the credit funds, while Interest is calculated will not, and money on a debit card you can spend at its discretion.

Map Savings Bank is universal, you can remove her money from any ATM of any bank, even when abroad.However, remember that the intermediary bank will charge your account for the amount of service - about 3% of the withdrawn amount, but not less than 90 rubles.

Before using plastic cards Savings Bank, carefully read the terms of the contract, ask questions of the consultant or agent of the Savings Bank.Do not share your password on the card to others and does not leave the card unattended.Also, do not forget about the scams, remember that the Savings Bank employees will never send you an SMS message with the requirement or request for your password on the card, or make a call on any phone number to get information on the map.SMS messages from Sberbank come from the short number 900. And to deal with any arising issues should call the hotline - 8800555 55 50.