November 04, 2016 00:03

How to pay for credit at Alfa Bank .Ways to repay the loan at Alfa Bank

During the conclusion credit agreement the borrower receives a loan repayment schedule, according to which he makes monthly payments to avoid penalties incurred.Alfa-Bank offers several ways to repay the loan, every borrower may use any convenient option.

most obvious way - making money for repayment of the loan through cash at any branch of Alpha Bank.If the loan was taken to buy a car, the bank offers free card "Alfa-Auto", with which it is possible to make a payment on the loan at any self-service terminal.The ATM at Alfa Bank, is a function of early full repayment of the loan and deposit into the cash account.Thus, knowing the account number, you can make the necessary amount for the repayment of credit score.

client via Alfa Bank site or banking partner and your mobile phone can be at home at any time to transfer money from one account to the loan repayment account.Such a scenario is possible after the signing of an additional agreement for the provision of services "Translation fro
m one card to another."Important points of this agreement:. Minimum / maximum transfer amount, terms of conversion rates, the level of the Commission, terms of enrollment, etc. If the payment of loan is another credit card at Alfa Bank, the sequence of actions is as follows:
  • on the bank's website go to "Alfa-cry";
  • Open "Transfers" section and select the type of operation "from card to card";
  • In the window that appears, fill in all requested information: the number and term of validity of the sender card, amount of transfer, recipient card number, name and address;
  • After validation of the entered data, click "Send Money";
  • soon to a mobile phone will receive an SMS-message with the code to be entered on the site to confirm the payment.

loan payment can be done by filling out a money transfer through another bank.In each bank set its level of commission for this service, as well as transfer deadlines.Therefore, translation should be implemented for 4-7 days before the scheduled date in the schedule of repayment of the loan.

Instant money transfer occurs when using the QIWI payment system for the transaction must specify the number and card expiration date or account number.Payment service allows you to use the following options for transfer of funds: through QIWI-terminal or on the official website, using the payment method Visa QIWI Wallet.There is also a special mobile application Visa QIWI Wallet.

Payment processing loan through some organization:
  • Immediate enrollment takes place at payment terminals "JCB" and through the payment "CyberPlat┬«" system, which requires a number and card expiry date or account number, passport;
  • On the next working day - through the offices of CB "Unistream" service "Golden coronary Repayment", requiring a passport, an account number and a mobile phone number in the "Messenger" salons on the first payment must provide details of the loan agreement, hereinafter- only a phone number;
  • Up to 2 working days - payment system "Rapida" (Service "Pay on the way"), which requires data of the loan agreement, payment in MTS salons;
  • Three to five days - through terminals Moscow Credit Bank, where a card and the PIN-code .

loan payments can be carried out not only borrowers but also their proxies upon presentation of passports of the borrower.It is worth remembering that different organizations commission may vary.