November 16, 2016 00:06

What is a franchise on the hull .

When making Hull each owner of the car is faced with the notion of "franchise".What does this mysterious word - "Freestuff" cheese in a mousetrap or indeed advantageous offer?

Franchise CASCO - is the size of the sum of money, which in the case of an insured event the vehicle owner pays for itself.Franchise itself, as well as its size (it is a clear figure fixed in terms of money or percentage of the price of the insured vehicle) negotiated between the client and a representative of the insurance company to the pre-registration of the insurance policy.

There are two options for the Franchise CASCO - conditional and unconditional.The bottom line is a conditional franchise: in the case of an insured event the insurance company compensate fully all the expenses if they exceed the amount prescribed in the contract notional amount of the franchise.Expenses within the franchise completely cover the car owner.For example: the size of the conditional franchise - $ 300, a loss of $ 299 will be bo
rne by the client, but the loss in the amount of $ 301 already paid insurers.

Currently, most often chosen deductible.Its essence is as follows: when the insured event the car owner shall pay all expenses within the prescribed amount in the contract of franchise.If expenses exceed its size, insurers compensate the difference to the client.For example: the size of the unconditional deductible - $ 400, a loss of $ 399 will have to pay the owner of the insured car, in case of losses in the amount of $ 470 insurers paid $ 70.

Defining deductible when you make a hull, realistically assess how much money in the case of an insured event, you can cover yourself.An important caveat: specify the service station, which can eliminate the cost of any damage cars.Let's say you have defined for yourself deductible of $ 250 and the cost of the most primitive of repair work on the service evaluated in a large amount.It goes without saying that the registration of the contract with the franchise inappropriate.

Unconditional franchise greatly reduces the cost price of the policy.As a rule, the larger the size, the cheaper the hull.This franchise is justified if you consider yourself an experienced and careful driver practically does not get into trouble on the road and leave your car in a garage or under a security lock, or a paid guarded parking lot.

6 Where the amount of the discount for the execution of the franchise is quite large and exceeds the size of the franchise, is also possible to think about the feasibility of registration of the unconditional deductible.Another argument in favor of the franchise - a decent saving time and getting rid of red tape because of small chips or scratches, for which insurers at best compensate for not more than a few thousand.

Used cars often deductible for Hull is mandatory (approximately 10%).In some cases (if you are admitted to the management of cars persons under 25 years, or those whose driving experience is less than 3 years) and the franchise is required at registration Hull on a new vehicle.

If the car for you - convenient means of transportation and small defects such as cleavage is not particularly upset (or if you are able to pay for minor repairs on their own), it means that the optimal size of unconditional franchise for you - about 1-2% of the insured value of the car.Franchise larger (5%) is recommended for those who want to protect your car against theft or serious damage as a result of an accident.

And finally: if you drive carefully, thanks to the franchise will save a significant amount of money and time.