November 09, 2016 00:04

How to get rid of the mice in the apartment.How to destroy the mice in the apartment.In this article you'll learn about the most effective ways to combat mice.

noticed on the floor of the small mouse droppings?The apartment has an unpleasant specific smell?You hear strange squeaking and rustling at night?Begin to act immediately - in your housing bred not only uninvited guests, and carriers of dangerous infections and viruses!So, how to get rid of mice?

Before you begin an active struggle with the dangerous small rodents, should be to find and close the loopholes in the house mouse.Check out all the dark inaccessible places (especially in the kitchen, pantry and bathroom) - mouse can get through even in very narrow gap!All detected mink fill foam construction.If you find the mouse moves not, sprinkle the night on the floor for children talc or flour - on the trail in the morning you will be able to determine in which direction to look for burrows of rodents.If the opportunity allows, at the time of removal of the mice from the apartment flew the children to stay with relatives and pets - to friends.Domestic cat, accustomed to tasty food, is unlikely to
be to hunt for rodents.

Remember that attracts mice mess, so carry out a thorough cleaning of the apartment with the help of chlorine-containing agents.The accumulation of crumbs in an easily accessible location make the bait in the trap less seductive.Remove housing only when wearing protective gloves - do not forget that through the feces can be infected with hemorrhagic fever, salmonella and other dangerous diseases.

During combat intruders take care of the safety of expensive and valuable items - mouse can damage clothing or documents.Shut rodent access to food!All cereals and pour the pasta from the store packaging in glass jars or tin containers for bulk products.Bread, cookies and other baking are temporarily stored in the refrigerator.In cupboards and bedside tables generously spread out mint, bay leaf, matchboxes with a cotton pad soaked in vinegar or ammonia.

After proceed to eliminate the insidious rodents.To do this, use the classical framework mousetrap - put them on the night for several pieces at once along the walls (usually a mouse crawling in the dark).The traps are sure to put a seductive lure - bacon, biscuits, cakes made of oatmeal and peanut butter.You can also use a more humane and devices - for example, traps designed to catch the rodent, but not to kill him.No less effective and improvised devices - Take a half-liter jar, turn it upside down, and the neck of the container prop coin edge.In the center of homemade mousetrap put toast with butter or varnish other bait.

To fight with mice, you can use ultrasonic devices.Their essence is this - a special device emits a certain frequency waves that scare off intruders annoying "settlers".Such devices are completely harmless to humans, but they have a significant drawback - the effect of "repellents" you'll notice immediately, but after a few weeks.

more effective option to eliminate rodents - use of industrial poisons.Means gently mix with sugar and pour a small amount of vegetable oil.When working with poisons, always use protective gloves.Bane Spoon small amounts in secluded places and along the walls.Be sure to put the poison in the place where you find mouse droppings.Note that the composition applied is dangerous to humans, so be vigilant - as the extermination of mice dispose of all traces of poison and perform general cleaning housing with disinfectant solutions.

Instead of poison can be used the following composition - the usual dry plaster mix with a small amount of washing powder and wheat flour.Next to the "delicacy" must replace "feeding cup" - a plate with clean water.After such a "dinner" the mouse will experience the feeling of thirst.Frozen in the stomach rodent gypsum will cause hasty demise.

Now you know how to quickly and effectively get rid of the gray rodent pests from his apartment.