November 16, 2016 00:06

How to repair the damage by accident .

Too many people have an accident, experience a real shock, which lasts for some time and does not allow participants an accident to assess the situation rationally and efficiently and do the right thing.Often, even if the law is on the side of the participant of the accident, he could not use it because of its excited state.Therefore, to learn their rights to such a case should be almost at the moment when he first sat behind the wheel.

The insurance company is obliged to compensate the following expenses for costs related to the damage to the vehicle: the restoration of the vehicle based on its wear;the costs of the independent review;Car evacuation from the accident scene to a parking lot or residence motorist;costs of vehicle storage.

also obligatory payment by the insurer shall be the costs associated with causing harm to health of a victim in an accident: the cost of drugs and diagnostics state of health facilities;rehabilitation costs, including spa, if you must specify the attendi
ng physician in the relevant medical records of the victim;the average earnings of the victim during the period of temporary incapacity, according to sick leave, confirmation of employment certificate form 2-PIT.

In addition, the insurance company is obliged to reimburse other expenses caused by the accident happened, if we can prove that it was impossible to do without them in our situation less costly way.In any case, we recommend that the proper way to execute and keep all payment documents.

loss of commodity value of the goods (TCB) - is actually a decrease value of the car, makes it possible for the premature loss of the former commercial mode of transport and its performance as well as reduced strength and durability of individual units, parts and assemblies.Therefore TCB refers to the real damage, it should be taken into account when calculating the insurance payment, as well as reconstruction costs.

However, in practice, when assessing the damage insurance companies, with rare exceptions, do not voluntarily use by TCB in the assessment and payment of the insured caused real damage from the accident, but do not despair.Being in possession of an assessment of the TCB report, especially with the help of a competent representative of the lawyer may collect TCB with the insurance company.

We should not falsely assume that with the help of assistants from firms ads we can suddenly get compensation.In fact, after an appeal to the insurance company, we must carry out inspection of the car and assess the damage within 5 days.After the breach of this term we can safely hire independent expertise, its value will also be obliged to reimburse the insurance.Upon receipt of our application to the insurance company within 30 days make a decision on payment or refusal on the insurance case.

If payments do not cover the costs associated with correcting the effects of the accident, you can go to court.Most drivers refuse such an opportunity, citing the lack of time and the desire, but in vain.Statistics show that the lion's share of cases of this nature was solved in favor of the drivers.