November 16, 2016 00:06

How to clean the nozzle of the injector .

As of today almost all the fuel present dirt, all kinds of additives and impurities, cleaning nozzles for every 30,000 km is an inevitable procedure.To clean the nozzles with your hands, you will need: a solvent such as 647 or cleaner injector, two syringes of 5 and 10 cubic meters, power supply 7 V (you can use the battery charger, putting it 7 volts), the power button is not fixed, the twoplastic bottles with cut off top.

before removing the nozzle, it is necessary to lower the pressure in the fuel rail.We take out the fuse from the engine compartment and start the car as soon as it stalled, proceed to the removal of the ramp.It is necessary to unscrew two bolts 12 keys that keep the fuel rail mounting.

2 Disconnect the hoses, tubes and wires, and then pull out completely and remove from the vehicle fuel rail.

screwdriver to hook retaining rings and remove them, then pull out the nozzle with the ramp.Remove the rubber seals from the nozzles.

circumcised 5 cc syrin
ge at the beginning and then we put it on the nozzle.

Doing chain for the nozzle.Between Clem and charger insert button on the wire.At the other end of the nozzle, attach the Clem from the charger.It is desirable that Clem went inside the nozzle, and the button has been freely available to the arm.

10 cc syringe to pour the solvent into the cylinder 5 a bottom of the syringe and close the piston.

simultaneously pour the solvent into the nozzle and the short-term movements (approximately 1 second) push button.

continue to do so for as long as the nozzle does not go evenly sprinkling.

Upon completion remove all equipment from the nozzles, put on rubber seals back and insert the nozzle into the ramp.Return the ramp into place, Connect all pipes and hoses back.We put in place the fuse, the plant and check the car's performance.

cleaning nozzles over.Be sure to check all connections and hoses for leakage.If you have the opportunity to measure the resistance of the injector with an ohmmeter, it is recommended to do so.Enjoy the ride!