How to calculate the CTP .

In the case of road traffic accident compensation for harm caused to life, health, property of third parties, provided the insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.Now there are many online-calculators to calculate the CTP, but not all of them take into account all the necessary factors.

CTP calculation formula consists of a number of specific factors and the base tariff rate.Basic tariff rate depends on:
  • vehicle category;
  • type of owner (natural or legal person);
  • application (private use, taxis, etc.).

In formula CTP calculation there are specific factors:
  • CTE - regional factor assigned to each region of the Russian Federation, depending on the risk level of a traffic accident.Each insurance policy specified area primary use of the car.CTE ranges from 0.5 to 2.
  • Co. - limiting factor.It is equal to 1 if the insurance policy specified the exact number of people who can drive the vehicle, and 1.8, if the number of drivers is not limited.
  • KHP - coefficient taking into account the ratio of age, the overall experience.It ranges from 1 to 1.8.
  • KSS - ratio of insurance claims.It specifies the number of accidents in which the driver was previously.CIL values ​​in the range 0,5-2,45.
  • Kmsch depends on the capacity of the car, ranging from 0.6 to 1.6.The greater the power, the greater the ratio, the more expensive the insurance.
  • KCTS taken into account, if the vehicle is designed to work in a taxi.
  • CEB takes into account the period of insurance.The term is less, the more expensive the insurance.
  • KBN - the so-called bonus factor, which grows with each new insurance in the same company.

CTP amount is calculated by multiplying all the elements of a formula that looks like this:

Sum CTP = CTE * KHP * KSS * Kmsch * KCTS * CEB * BSC * Co * BLS

Formulato calculate the CTP provides an increase in cost if the driver is already involved in emergency situations, as well as incentives for careful road users, as well as bonus discount if the insurance is made repeatedly in the same insurance company.